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Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by AllCallsigns, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. Seeing as I'm an RR sponsor, but only ever post on ARRSE, I thought I'd register and make a few posts!

    Anyway, a few weeks ago I launched the Ex-Forces Business & Employment Network over at Basically, it's a UK-wide network of ex-forces people who aim to support each other in the world of business.

    Whether you're just starting out, already in business, seeking employment or just making new contacts, this site has something for you.

    Apologies for making this blatant advert my first post, but because I'm a regular poster on ARRSE, most of the members are ex-Army and it's only fair that I let you know about it too! :thumright:
  2. Re: All Callsigns - The Ex-Forces Business & Employment Netw

    I tried to log on but got stuck on upload an image profile. This may be a stupid question - but what is an image profile.(is it a picture)?

    creakin :thanks:
  3. I may be thick too - got stuck on the 'upload your profile image'. Any advice for us duffers??
  4. Re: All Callsigns - The Ex-Forces Business & Employment Netw

    That's somewhat strange. It's the first time this error has been reported, and I can't work out quite what's happened.

    On the sign-up form, there is a place where you can upload your "profile image". If you upload a file which is too large, it may not work.

    Of course, it may also be that there is a bug in the script. For the time being, I've made it optional so you can now sign-up without uploading an image.

    When I get to the bottom of this, I'll let you know!

    Any more probs, let me know! ;-)
  5. Re: All Callsigns - The Ex-Forces Business & Employment Netw

    Cheers!! :thumright:
  6. I've had a look into the problem, and there are no bugs that I can see. The problem was either:

    - That the file was simply too large
    - That there was a temporary glitch in the server

    Either way, I'm going to leave the signup process as is to avoid any chance of further problems. Hope this helps!
  7. Re: All Callsigns - The Ex-Forces Business & Employment Netw

    Just an update to let you know that All Callsigns is now known as The International Veteran's Business Network, and we are looking forward to welcoming members from the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in the coming weeks.

    We've also introduced a selection of brand new features, such as:
    - A brand new Business Directory
    - Updated Discussion Forums
    - Personal and public Image Galleries
    - Easier Member Searching

    It's still completely free to join, so feel free to drop by!

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