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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by ryan1234, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. Hello! Could somebody tell me if it's possible for a FAA Aircraft Engineer technician to do the All Arms Commando Course??

    Thank you!
  2. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    It's possible but quite a rarity these days. If you work with the Junglies (and if CHOSC/MAOT still exists?) you could get an opportunity but I guess it would be quite a slim chance as you'd leave a big gap.
  3. Ahh that's a shame.. thanks though!
  4. Hi Ryan!

    Just as an aside, are you waiting to join as an AET at the moment?
  5. Yeah, well I've got my tests coming up on the 8th but that's the job I'm aiming for, was just wondering about the all arms course.
  6. That's a great help, thank you! Just a quick question, I was told that they will give me a list that may or may not include my choice of career.. Will that list include Royal Marine Commando even though I've applied to he Navy (of-course that's if I've scored high enough)?
  7. You're welcome!

    The different jobs available are all linked to specific scores in the test, so, when your test has been marked, the CA will talk to you about the jobs which are indicated by your performance eg if you score 50 you will be told what that qualifies you to do, 60 will give you more scope, 70 even more etc.
  8. If you want a green lid the only way to guarantee it is join the marine's.
  9. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Why? You'll be needed to fix helicopters etc, not stab them to death with a screw driver.
  10. I know a fair few guys from CHF who have their lids. In many cases the only thing preventing you from doing the course is the time required (the course is 9 weeks, and I'd strongly recommend a Pre-AACC for at least 2 weeks). If your WMO or unit can spare you then you just need to submit a request.

    Does it bring anything to your day job - absolutely not, however in terms of developing your "grit" (i.e. mental fortitude) and demonstrate an ability to operate your comfort zone I would suggest it can only reinforce your skills in doing your day job.
  11. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Cracking post, at last someone has hit the nail on the head and not gone all gung ho on this commando shit.
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As often stated, if you want to be a technician first join as a technician as it's the only guaranteed route to becoming one. If you want to be a Commando primarily then join as a Royal Marine. Can an AET undergo AACC? Yep, if it's required for the job but more often than not, it isn't.
  13. I can only remember a very few RN guys with the Green Beret at Yeovilton when I was there. Usually they were either Aircrew, or MAOT.
  14. ive done SMAC course with the RM surely that qualifies for a green lid and a set of women clothes
  15. Pre-AACC is now compulsory.
  16. negat - AACC now includes a Pre-AACC run by Lympstone (which is included in my 9 weeks). It is part of the AACC; the 3 feeder Army Regiments all run their own pre-AACC, 6 weeks for 24 Cdo RE and 3 weeks for the other 2.
  17. We are arguing the same point.
  18. Bng someone who might be going down the AACC route in the near future. I think you are required to do a pre pre now. And even a pre for your pre pre i shit you not.
    The competition for places is now so great with 24 cdo still standing up. Unless you are in some kind of cdo unit or SF unit i would say currently it would be near impossable to get a course.
  19. There are still about 16 places for singletons on each course. Competition is turbo high though. I still don't understand why people who aren't even in the RN yet are asking about this, join the RM or Rifles if you want to be a Commando. A different coloured beret doesn't make the NAAFI slags any more likely to nosh you off nor a dagger on your ones mean you'll get BZ on the parade square.

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