all arms commando course?

sounds interesting, who does it? and why? as far as i know medics and some engineers can do it but why dont they just join the marines? can any other career paths do this course? anywho... yeh anyone who can offer some info please do :)
lol ta for that, what i cant find on google though is what branches its open too? its prob really obvious but yeh fraid my net skills are rubbish!
Not strictly true - the new DIN allows people to do it for 'personal development'. You are last on the loading priority, but there are generally a few spaces available on each course.

However, you do need to convince your Career Manager that you need to do an 11 week course just for kicks. It 's not impossible, but don't bank on it. Passing the AACC will not see you in Helmand conducting a foot patrol, just in case you were wondering ;)
A mate of mine completed his AAC last year and he is a CPO Tiff. He is a fit lad and he said it was the most physical thing he had ever done and that includes Field Gun.
Has the role of the marins changed over the years? I remember they used to have to be quite fit, but looking at the standards of the comando cours its obvviosuly been watered down now and are they just like normal soldiers now?

cheers panzer
ok but im still a bit hazy, for example, a medic in the rn takes this course, what does it lead on for him to do? are they automatically marines and then do marine things :S

sorry if i sound a bit blond
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