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hey fellas

Apologies if this has been covered before, I couldn't find anything tho. I've just joined the Crabs as an officer having had to leave rmr training for it. Basically came down to the fact that i needed a job asap. I was gutted that i couldn't finish and do the commando course, but have been told that there will be a 6 month gap between me leaving officer training and starting specialist training.
As I find myself with nothing to do for 6 months, does anyone know if it wouild be possible for me to get on an AACC??



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I doubt it very much if you will have "nothing to do for 6 months". You are not likely to be given a place on a AACC just because you want to do it. There would be very little to gain for the RAF as it takes up a place on the course uneccessarily. Of course you would be able to prance around in your "look at me" green beret just to make you feel good. If you are going to be part of 3 Cdo Brigade (but I doubt it) during your time in the RAF then there will be a requirement for you to be given a place. :shakefist:
If you have joined the RAF as an Officer in the RAF Regiment, once you have finished your Para training and underwater knife fighting course, and done a tour with the SAS/SBS, you should manage to fit in the Commando course, failing that you will be sent to the Yanks for their Navy Seal training and possibly, this is not guaranteed, get selected for their Green Beret course.

Put Silver wings on my sons chest, tra la la.
Well, if you where in the RMR then you have the potential to pass the AACC. I reckon the difficulty for you is finding the requirement for a crab officer to have his green lid. That said it has been known for Crabfat fast jet back seaters to do the course. Try hard enough and you'll probably find away, it will be good for morale if the lads have a crab occifer to take the piss out of. :twisted: :lol:


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Talk to whoever your boss is and keep pushing, but be willing to do the leg work yourself. The people above who have mentioned 'requirements' etc are right, but if you do have the time, your seniors will doubtless be happy if you can sort something out for yourself to do. If there is a course that fits the timing, and there is a space on it, you might just do it. Course dates will be in DINs somewhere, or you prob have RMR contacts who can find out for you. Even if you joined the wrong service (but in the spirit of being helpful I wont go there), Junior Officers with a goal and some determination should be encouraged.
One thought just leaps out at me. If you were in the RMR and are now an Officer in the RAF, why the fukc are you not an Officer in the Royal Marines? Green lid sorted.

You may get more joy asking on E Goat.


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It's a fine thing to see someone joining the Armed Forces "Cause I needed a job....". An Ossifer too, so you'll be good at lecturing those under your command with inspiring tales of the hardship and devotion to a long term ambition, perhaps not, eh?
Also it's nice to learn that the Junior Service gives it's ossifers some time to recover from the hardships of Cranwell with a "6 Month gap...". Is that like a gap year for the children of the Home Counties where daddy pays for them tour the dance clubs of the World and do lots of meaningless sex and drugs before going to University? Sounds about right for CrabAir.
Are you in the RAF Reg or are you a Meteorologist? 3 Cdo Bde always needs to know if it's going to be rain, hail or snow so if you're a proto Jack Fish put your chit in.
If you're a Rock Ape, bore on down the NAAFI, you'll soon realise that you don't need to do Commando courses to be a super soldier Barrier Up Barrier Down Tech.
If your owt else don't let the door hit your arsche on the way out sweetcheeks.


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NZ_Bootneck said:
If you're a Rock Ape, bore on down the NAAFI, you'll soon realise that you don't need to do Commando courses to be a super soldier Barrier Up Barrier Down Tech.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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