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I'm after some advice from people in the know.

I have a place on AACC next year and have started to up my training in preparation for the course. Unfortunatly I dont have access to the conditioning courses that some army units run in house (RA,RE,etc) prior to there guys starting on Pre AACC.

As a singleton going on course I am completely responsible for my training and with a lack of commando trained personnel where i am (inc PTI's) I am struggling to focus my training in the right direction.

My weekly training currently consists of-
2 or 3 Five mile runs. 40 mins max effort/ 45-50 mins fartlek
4 gym sessions. Each concentrating on major muscle groups.
2 one hour circuit training sessions.
1 or 2 swimming sessions.

At the end of the month a 1.5 mile best effort run to assess progress (currently 10 mins)

At present I have not trained with any weight or with boots, but will gradually introduce this to my training.

I have searched all related posts to this subject but no such luck.

If there is anybody who has recently completed the course, especially as a singleton i would really appreciate any training tips and to hear what you did to get fit.

I have posted this over on ARRSE, however I would like to hear it from any Royal/ Matelot perspective



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I now this isn't very helpful[/quote]

You are completely right- thats not very helpful!

I dont think you understand what I meant. Earning the green beret is the goal.....however tailoring my training to that goal is pretty important, and because i have a lack of knowledge in that I'm asking for advice.
Hi Airy-fairy,

As an ex regular bootie it's actually a very difficult question to answer. You see we do the Cdo course as part of our training, not something we do after training. All the PT, bottom field, endurance course etc is PART of training NOT something added on to get a green lid, we HAVE to do it to complete basic training. I could give you the recruit syllabus but what good would that be?

I expect the RMR lads will be of more help to you, remember your body will do anything your mind tells it to!

Best of luck.
Where are you based? What do you do at the moment?

I would advise you to get in touch with the Training Officer at your local RM establishment. Explain what you are doing and ask him to jack up a beat up period for you. Just simple stuff like packing a bergan, putting your webbing together etc. Ideally you want to join one of his unit's training packages.

The only tough part will be getting the time off from your current job but it's worth asking.


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Hello airy-fairy,

You may have already gone down this route & I appreciate the fitness levels need to be theoretically higher for AACC entry level than initially for RM Recruit Training entry level, but if you want a copy of the RM Pre-joining Fitness Program, just PM your details & I'll post it on to you if that helps.


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Thanks for all the help and advice guys.

Halford- thanks for passing on your advice/ experience with me. A common thing that has been mentioned to me is to not only increase pace and distance, but also to introduce weight and boots at the earliest opportunity. I will give your weekly programme a try out and see how i get on. Good luck in two weeks, let us know how you get on.

Ninja- Thanks for the offer. I do think that my fitness needs to be higher than a recruit starting out. I beleive that the tests at the beginning of AACC are similar to tests at around week 20 or so of recruit training? So I need to be well above this standard- preferably confident that i can pass all the commando tests, not just the passing in tests.

sparkerbuntingnowcis- Good idea, and i will contact them for a training programme or similar. however, asking my boss for another four weeks away, on top of the nine required for AACC would be 'taking the piss' i beleive. as onewatchtoomany mentioned, hardest part is getting the time away. All the training i'm doing is morning and evening- with some done in pussers time.

if 148 BTY cant help Ill approache 29 or 42, but so far I seem to be getting some top tips and advice from hear and ARRSE.

Many thanks to everyone who's posted.