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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by nomadcelt, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone have a more detailed breakdown of AACC than the DCI/DIN can provide? Week by week if possible. Thank you.
  2. all you need to know is it's easy!!! haha
  3. yeah. roger.

    All who attend are assumed to be trained soldiers so don't expect any help with basic infantry skills when and if you go to CTCRM.

    The course is or was 8 weeks long and consists of lots of leaping and jumping about in order to get you up to the required fitness level to do the Commando Tests. Expect a lot of map and compass work as well.

    Your instructors will be Royal Marines and they will not make a big effort to help you if you are not motivated. Most of them would rather be taking RM recruits though training truth be told.

    It's open to all who are required by the Corp to serve with the Royal Marines (Matelots and Perce mostly. Only ever met one Green Lidded Crabfat and he was a Flt Lt who was one of the Bde FAC officers). Also there will be a fair few Foreigners on the course. When I was instructing back in the late seventies/early eighties we had US Green Berets, USMC bods, Cloggie marines Spanish marines, Kiwis, Aussies the bloody lot in fact. They did the course because their governments paid hard cash for them to do it.

  5. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator


    Contary to what the old and droll will have you believe, read this:


    If I was beating my chest about 'the Corp'- there would be an 's' in it

    Booties on the staff at AACC are very helpful.
  6. PLONKER?? I passed it in 99 - cant be that much of a plonker?
  7. PLONKER?? I passed it in 99 - cant be that much of a plonker?
  8. Oh I don't know really you've managed to post the same message twice.

  9. It's spelt Corp not Corps. OK? So wind your neck in smartarse!! :twisted:

    I didnt say the guys were unhelpful. I just said they will not make a big effort to motivate you if your not up to the required standard. Reteaching basic Infantry skills is not top of their list in other words. As it is most blokes do a beat up with their parent unit prior to the course proper in order to make sure a place on the AACC is not going to be wasted.

    Matelots and blokes in the RAOC, REME, Royal Sigs not in either 29 or 59 used to go to Seaton Barracks in the late eighties to do theirs with CDOLOGREGTRM. The guy in charge being WO2 J**** M********.

    So I presume doing a pre AACC is still the norm.


    Edited to remove the name.
  10. The RCT used to do a pre-pre AACC and a pre-pre PARA course to avoid failures. My pre-pre course was held at 17 Port and Maritime Regt, lots of fieldcraft, map reading, running in mud (pulling a tyre), jumping in the ogin etc. Only on passing this phase did you go on to do Pre-Lympstone.

    It was a long time ago though (87) so I think things may have changed.

    Out of interest, maybe someone should tell these guys:

    That Corps is spelled Corp. Certainly surprised me :)
  11. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Artist, what gave me the hump was what you said about All Arms instructors:

    How does that make an All Arms candidate (nomadcelt?) feel whether or not the instructors let it show? That's why I put the boot in.

    And as for 'Corp', you are incorrect, ask the Corps RSM.

  12. HERE It is spelt CORPS and pronounced K OR or K OR Z for the plural.

    Just my two bobs worth!
  13. Sorry Artist, but it is Corps = (body of troops for special service)

    Andy O. 8)
  14. You really have nothing to worry about! I completed the cse last year at the tender age of 30. If you can run a BFT in 9.00 in boots then your half way there. The staff are to busy playing golf and riding mountain bikes around on exercise to critique the students. They are not like the instructors in breacon which you will probably realise in your initial time there, when you observe them cutting around on EX with CS 9 till 5 Bottoms green RM T-Shirt and green lid while your Platoon are in full scale rig. You cover no more military training than what you cover in CMSR with addition to a week working with LCVP's and RR which is good fun. The phis during the cse is steady with exeption to a couple of evolutions on the bottom field. I was in the same boat as you wondering about the cse after spending the majority of my carreer serving with AB Forces. I was a loose end for a couple of weeks so went and smashed it. Be prepared for time in the ogin! All in all a fun cse that gets you out of the office for a couple of weeks....quote]AB forces big headed bast*@ds! but we are the best.....
  15. OK, I'll bite.... what are AB forces?
  16. Airborne Forces !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. How old was the oldest to have passed the AACC?
  18. Hi mate, could you tell me of the DCI where i can find out about how to get on a AACC? Im in the Navy and wishing to attempt it then hopefully transfer totally into the SC branch

    PS Ive gt the DCI on the SF but cant find anything on the AACC.

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