All Arms Commando Course 0306 - Completed

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by nomadcelt, Dec 22, 2006.

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    Thanks to all those on the staff of AACC 03/06. Thoroughly enjoyed the time and experience and hope to work with some of you again in the future.
  3. I fully appreciate the reasons why you ask that, and fully expected it. I'd just like to risk it for an hour or so before removing them. Some people out there need to know just how good most of our instructors were. I work with Royal at the moment up in Faslane and was generally impressed anyway. Since being instructed by them I am, by and large, even more impressed.
  4. Thanks mate!! Just thinking of them really, there are too many bad guys out there who would take delight in ruining their day. As for royal being impressive, yes it speaks for itself when you see how we/you shape said piece of green cloth onto head in direct comparison to the other units out there. Per Mare Per Terram and welcome to the family.

  5. Congrats mate - good effort.

  6. Well done. Few make it.
  7. Well done matey, are you a marine or other service which has gone for the green lid?
  8. Apologies to all for not deleting names of training team as per reply to message from nomadcelt sooner. I went out and didn't realise and feel a bit of a numpty.


  9. Army - working with FPGRM in Faslane.
  10. All Arms Commando Course, So this would be the substitute for the Paras?

    Still think the SS Brigade should be brought back 8).
  11. Substitute for the Paras? Not sure I understand. Completely different isn't it?!
  12. Think this gut is a bit of a walt mate, not to worry!! Well done again for winning lid and welcome to the family
  13. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Hats off to anyone who completes the All Arms course.

    Nutty bag wrote
    It's worse than that NB.

    sniffle snaffle wrote


    So you've said elsewhere. The what, the who?
  14. liebstandarte or waffen?
  15. FFS. It isn't dan the man in another guise per chance?? :roll:
  16. Any chance you ould tell me roughly what is involved in the AACC, as i myself am thinking of going for it sometime in the future!

    cheers if you can!
  17. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    A graduate or DS of the course can tell you more about the content but you'll need a draft to an RM unit ( for example 539 ASRM) with a need for stokers/ETs before you get the AACC as part of your PJT package. You can't just fancy doing it and slap in.

    Thereafter, lots of phys, warry stuff, a worm omlette. The course is much shorter than RM Recruit Training (you are not being turned into a Marine) but the Commando Tests for the green lid are the same with same times required.
  18. I can send you a copy of the previous AACC timetable if you wish. It is not a secret and you can actually get it from OC or CI AACC. Send me email details and I'll forward it on to you.
  19. We never had any RM wannabes at 539 when I was there ;) I think its only those carrying out a role where having done the course is required for operational reasons that can do it.

    While I applaud and respect anyone who does the course or has done in the past (its not something I could do), deep down I can't help but think that if you want a green lid, bloody transfer and do it properly!
    I think its a shame that Royal has to rely on outsiders when part of the RM could be expanded to take on all these jobs that are "farmed out".
    Just an opinion :)

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