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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Sep 17, 2007.

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  1. A second-hand Greyhound Bus has just left London, heading
    for Australia - ETA about THREE MONTHS. Cost per ticket:- £3,000.
    Can you imagine a load of RR's/Romfters being stuck on a bus....
    for three soddin' months, putting tents up at night, eating, washing,
    sleeping and manking together?? - with the occasional Hotel/Motel
    stop-over thrown in along the way!
    An overland bus journey of this magnitude would surely end in
    murder and mayhem....or could us RR's/Romfters co-exist happily,
    while singing "The wheels on the bus go round-and-round!!", for
    about ninety days. I realise that most of us have *dual identities*,
    and we all have many differences of opinion on stuff, but casting
    aside all these differences of opinion on Gayness/Straightness/
    Sexual Fantasy etc here in Cybersville - d'you think you would
    survive the trip in the real world?

    It certainly would be a F***ing interesting Journey!!


    Australia is on the bus map
    A BUS service has been launched linking Britain with Australia. A one-way ticket for the 12-week trip - which will visit 20 countries including Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia - costs £3,750.

    The journey is said to be 50 times more environmentally friendly than a Boeing 747 flight from London to Sydney. There is one flight from East Timor to Darwin in the Northern Territory, but the entrepreneur Mark Creasey, 37, is looking for a ship to ferry the bus across.

    This article:

    Last updated: 05-Mar-07 02:30 BST
  2. What's the baggage allowance, or is it just steaming kit?
  3. I'll drive!!
  4. Nics,flip flops and snorkel and dont forget the mayo!
  5. There's a few countries that some of us might not
    be allowed to pass through on this trip though.
  6. Nearly 4,000 quid for a bus ticket? Ken Livingstone would love the idea.
    You could get a return 1st Class ticket on an airline for that, and not have someone horrid and with B.O. sitting close beside you; all a bit Crocs and veggie burger.
    Sounds like a scene from 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert'.
    As for everyone on here getting along - most of us are too ffing old for that kind of malarky.
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    That's emptied the bus :dwarf:
  8. Well then, it saves people for becoming death! Ops, sorry meant deaf!
  9. Are you sure that's not the Virgin Cross Country - Plymouth to Newcastle train?
  10. About as quick as the ones we used to get to Collingrad from Stoke in the olden days.
    That was a journey and a half.
  11. With the busses doing 0-60 in about a week and trying to "race" each other along the dual carriageways holding everything up behind them!!!
    What a laugh!!.......
  12. I wonder if they accept Scottish Bus Passes

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