ALL 6 Type 45s Alongside


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what a result all 6 alongside, needing new engines, should have kept type 42 modified machinery package,and kept R.R.marine industry in work.


what a result all 6 alongside, needing new engines.
No they don't.

If you think we should have kept the 42s, then you clearly didn't serve on them toward the end of their life. I did, they were absolutely ******* fuckity fucked, woefully outdated and incapable.


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Monty OH yes I did Manch AER Southampton CC. no worse than type 14's or my first ship Whitby 10 months out the FEZ in hammocks no Air Con.
Darings, Battles, CAs, County Class, right down to the frigates of the day all had some sort of problem. On Diana we used to run on one screw only as the white-metal used to get knackered on the port gland, water making was virtually zero and we used to chase rain clouds and shower on the upper deck. Air con was wind scoops poked out the scuttles and hope no gophers came inboard. These new ships are going to have teething problems though they seem to be massive at the moment. The new DGs will be better. :cool:
Aren't two (Daring and Diamond) due to deploy shortly ? Plus Defender not long back from deployment. Dragon undergoing trials having completed dockyard maintenance. Load of Sky News Tosh, making something out of nothing, it seems to me


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Currently situation is as follows according to the Save the Royal Navy website:

HMS Daring – test-fired Aster missile 11/7/16. Due to deploy to Gulf soon?
HMS Diamond – completed Operational Sea Training. Has just returned from visit to Ireland and operating in Scottish waters.
HMS Dragon completed major refit, recommissioned 8/7/16 and has just returned from visit to Amsterdam.
HMS Defender – undergoing routine maintenance after returning home on 7th July from successful 9-month deployment to the Gulf.
HMS Duncan – Completed Gulf deployment last year. Been in UK waters and led Jutland 100 commemorations in May. Now in refit.

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