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Alizee Appreciation Thread.

She could be reciting BR3001 in French for all I care, she sounds great.
Can I also state I WOULD LIKE TO DIE BY HANGING...................

out of her!!!! :D
Smiffy_the_Shipwreck said:
She could be reciting BR3001 in French for all I care, she sounds great.
Can I also state I WOULD LIKE TO DIE BY HANGING...................

out of her!!!! :D

I've got to say that's one fit bird!

Too add some more excitement in your lives fellas, some more piccies for you;

janner said:
OFF TOPIC!!!!!!!!

You have to be careful, you can die from Alizéeitis. You have to have a twenty minute break every hour to look at other fit French women. It's an EU thing.

I thought this was clever:



My eyes have been opened up to these French woman since looking on the forum :thumright:

That link has gone around the office, the Alizee one was a hit.
andym said:
I wonder if she would be willing to be our RR Pinup?

She's still on her 'break', been doing a new album for over a year now. Release date is around Sep / Oct.

She's split with the team that 'made her', so it's a good bet the Lolita image will be gone, so a new, more 'rock chick' image.

No matter what the music is like, I'm confident she'll look good.

I think Napoleon was always on 'good terms' with the RN (treated him better than our squaddie chums after capture?), so who knows??? :dj:


I....err.....erm.... o_O o_O .....umm......what i mean is.......mmm.......................................... o_O :la: :love10: ...................................................?

Lord give me strength!!
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