Alfie not "the daddy"

I wonder how this will affect his membership of Fathers for Justice? I heard he only joined because he wanted a Spiderman costume anyway.
icantfly said:
It was me! I did the slapper!!

From the newspaper: "Chantelle became pregnant aged 14 after she “forgot to take†her contraceptive pill last May"

So how old was she when you "did her"? lol ;-)
Carrolannabelle said:
Well theres a suprise result we wernt expecting. Its a wonder they even did a DNA test on a young child.
Buck up girl, they don't test the child, just a swab from inside his cheek. he doesn't feel any discomfort.
Bloody hell, only 14 and been ridden more times than a dockyard bike, what ever will her mother say, oh sorry forgot in todays Chav heaven world she gets a bigger dole check.
Excuse me if I appear a bit dense, but it's been a long week.
What is the point in doing a DNA test on just one of them?
Child or smaller child, surely they should both be done for the comparison.
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