Alfie not "the daddy"

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by WreckerL, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. God i wish we could round people like that up and send them to the other side of the planet!!!!
  2. Maybe he learnt a valuable lesson.

    "Getting a SLAG up the duff, earns you fame and money from newspapers"
  3. 2 out 3 wasn't bad for a first attempt
  4. I wonder how this will affect his membership of Fathers for Justice? I heard he only joined because he wanted a Spiderman costume anyway.
  5. It was me! I did the slapper!!
  6. Icantfly: You have a thing about catching crabs then ???????
  7. Poor old Alfie, lost his street cred already....dumb fcuk...
  8. My ex was a crab - did her.

    Scratched and itched for a while after mind
  9. Alfie's a Jaffa!!! Alfie's a Jaffa!!!

  10. From the newspaper: "Chantelle became pregnant aged 14 after she “forgot to take†her contraceptive pill last May"

    So how old was she when you "did her"? lol ;-)
  11. Well theres a suprise result we wernt expecting. Its a wonder they even did a DNA test on a young child.
  12. Buck up girl, they don't test the child, just a swab from inside his cheek. he doesn't feel any discomfort.
  13. not as much discomfort as when he was shaggin that rotten lil bint
  14. Bloody hell, only 14 and been ridden more times than a dockyard bike, what ever will her mother say, oh sorry forgot in todays Chav heaven world she gets a bigger dole check.
  15. The "mother " trained her. With a strap-on.
  16. I was on about alfie being a child
  17. Excuse me if I appear a bit dense, but it's been a long week.
    What is the point in doing a DNA test on just one of them?
    Child or smaller child, surely they should both be done for the comparison.
  18. Nah, I reckon just had sloppy thirds and his sperm were not strong enough to get past the other chav intake. :lol:

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