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As many of you know I am anything but a Royalist quite the opposite in fact, but this man must leave the UK now. He believes that the Duke of Edinburgh, is a Nazi, who "ordered" the murder of Diana and Dodi, seriously who honestly believes that Prince Philip has that sort of power! How dare he call a man who fought against the Nazis in the Second World War a Nazi!

I am absolutely fed up with the media circus that Diana's death has been since she died, and think that Al Fayed should pay for this inquest and then leave the country, he is a nutter. He needs to accept that it was an Accident caused by a drink driver!

I'm sorry I think I saw too many copies of the Daily Express today....


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Until listening to Al Fayed being interviewed on BBC radio today, I had much sympathy for the man. I would not go so far as to suggest that he be expelled from the country. (We need his money)! However you are quite correct. The man as they say in Scotland is simply "not the full shilling".



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Watched him on the news tonight, the man appears to have lost the plot. Anyone else acting as paranoid as him would be pointed in the direction of the nearest padded cell.


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Didn't they refused him a British Passport a few years ago - well done that man (or woman) .... wat a "dick head"


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I think what is fueling this from him is the refusal of the crown to offer him a peerage, if I recall, he wanted one a few years back and the Queen said "NO", I could be wrong... :hockey:


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Potential_Officer said:
.... He needs to accept that it was an Accident caused by a drink driver!.....
Ah, but then he'd have to accept some responsibility for his employees behaviour, drunk driver, no action from hotel management to stop the driver and the lack of action from 'bodyguards' over drunk drivers erratic driving and therefore accept some of the 'blame' for his sons and Di's deaths and that isn't going to happen any time soon.
He's always been dodgy, see the kerfuffles that occurred over the purchase of Harrods, but now he's looking like a fruit loop.


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Mr Al Fayed has been beating his drum to the same tune for over 10 years now and I very much doubt he will not stop beating it until he gets the the result he so craves, that is an admission from some one up top that his sons death and that of Diane Princess of Wales was directly ordered by the powers that be!!!!!!!!!!!!
He must share some of the blame for her death as it was HIS man that was driving.
Probably trying to cover up his own guilt.
Me thinks he needs help.

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Unfortunately, this whole saga from the first second, wasn't handle correct. The police didn't section off the 'accident scene', letting by-standers trample over everything, correct procedures were not adhered to as they were supposed to be...............basically, the whole thing was a shambles.

If this was planned, it won't ever be revealed (my thinking), due to a lot of evidence being contaminated by the publci.

Al-fayed needs to let go, can he not see that there are 2 sons who have to live through their mother's death every year!


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He lost his son and for that I have enormous sympathy. A parent shouldn't live to bury their child. But all this conspiracy talk? What a plonker.

Come on - get a grip. I mean, talk about JFK assasination theories. You'd have more luck proving the existence of little green men. Come to think of it - what we're they up that night?



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oberon said:
Barking! A few cans short of a crate!!!
Yup stark raving barking mad.But it's sells news papers and keep the old fraud in the lime light.And the Royals for what ever there worth.


Is he quite finished milking his son's death for all it's worth? Woudn't the millions wasted on this ego trip be better spent elsewhere?

Oh, and Harrods is full of blingy, overpriced crap.
I think he's been on a downer since the Home office refused to grant him
UK citizenship ------

I think as the main complain--er in the inquest I hope that he has to pay some of the costs. It must've cost him an arm and a few legs for his legal team anyway.

His utterings during the inquest may be ploys to get the other 'named ' people to attempt to sue him for defamation-----so that his name continues to get into newsprint!

:nemo: :nemo:


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gypquitacorrie said:
..... that is an admission from some one up top that his sons death and that of Diane Princess of Wales was directly ordered by the powers that be!!!!!!!!!!!!
They were weren't I mean.... God grief look at that behind you...RUN!!!


Al Fayed - in so far as his mental state is concerned in relation to his son's death - all of the above.

However, the true Fruit-Loops are those that allowed a member of the Royal Family to be put under the close protection of a Department Store Detective rather than members of the Royal Protection Squad.

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