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Ajet (Helios) go bust!


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Did you see this coming? I know a few people that are stuck in the UK and Europe, having to pay out more funds, their tickets are not actually being refunded and flights that were being taken on by other companies i.e. BAA, are no longer being used.

Feel sorry for those who have been affected for it!

The Government of the Republic of Cyprus last week illegally detained Ajet’s Aircraft and froze the Company’s bank accounts, which was in direct contravention to the successful appeal lodged by Ajet in the District Court, causing substantial financial damage to the Company.

As a result Ajet regrets to announce that all flights that were scheduled to be operated by other Carriers to all destinations, will no longer be operating as of Monday 06/11/2006. All passengers will therefore have to make their own arrangements.

The Company wishes to clarify the following:

For flights from London Luton, Manchester, Birmingham and London Gatwick all passengers that booked via a travel agent should get in touch with their travel agent for further information.

All passengers who have booked through the Ajet website are requested to make a claim (in writing only) for a refund through Ajet and once the Company is in a position to do, it will review all refund applications.

All passengers traveling on Ajet as part of an organised package are requested to contact their tour operator for further information

Ajet wishes to apologise sincerely to all passengers for the inconvenience, which is solely the result of the actions of the Ministry of Communications and Works as well as the Department of Civil Aviation in Cyprus.

Ajet article

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Maxi_77 said:
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Copied from Google


It's what I posted :lol:
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