Airy Fairy

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by implacable, May 1, 2016.

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  1. I served in the FAA from 1942 until 1974 and was always proud to be called Airy Fairy but I see now that it is a derogatory term .Airy is self explanatory but Fairy refers to the Fairey Avaition Co. who started building aircraft for Pusser in 1915.We keep alive the name of the Firm that built the Swordfish the aircraft that sank the Italian Fleet at Taranto,put the tin fish in the Bismark so she was easy pickings to the surface fleet.Later Fairey Aircraft were getting better and better until the were taken over
    WAFFO is another term that is applied to the FAA.I was at the birth of this term.On the Russian Run crates came aboard our Carrier marked W and Fuel Users only..They contained anti static clothing that was ideal for the exposed close quarter anti aircraft gun crews but were far too bulky for the FAA ground crews to service aircraft.Simple we just swapped our clothing issue with the Seamans Branch for tots,so WAFFO should really apply to the General Service as they got the benefit.Glad to have got the record straight.I am 92 and still proud to be Pusser Built
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  2. Interesting. 92 and still going strong I see :)
  3. Whilst in no way intending to refute your explanation, Airy Fairy is merely 'rhyming slang' as in boats we have 'Black Dafties' for those that go into the engine room (keeping it simple and general here!) and they in turn call the folk that work the boat 'Front Cu*ts'.

    WAFU is a slightly derogatory name as they never go to sea these days and has meant (for many, many years!) Wet And Fuc*ing Useless!

    Maybe Jackspeak, as English language itself just evolves?
  4. We also used to call you "nose coners" and "crumple zone crew" or "fwd pukes" if we were feeling benevolent, but you are correct, front c*unt was the norm :)

    I must admit I'd not heard that explanation for the term WAFU before.
  5. See Tennyson's poem Lillian(1830), where the central figure is described as "Airy, fairy Lillian"
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  6. Thank you all.The concise written by Surgeon Captain Rick JollyRN.He was attached to The Royals for the Falkland Campaign,and decorated by both sides.The book with wonderful cartoons by Tugg is published by Palamanando Publishing and distributed by
    Maritime Books Ltd,Lodge Hill,Liskeard,Cornwall PL14 4EL
    You will get the slang of Dab Toes.Fly Navy,Yomp Royal,Dive Deeps
  7. He's also my Daughter-in-Laws Uncle. Ricks not in too good a shape at the moment.

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