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  1. Yesterday was the 1st day of the RAF W addington airshow, and what a grand spectacle it was. There was some Navy participation from a rather unique and unusual formation, a Lynx and a Wildcat performing together, interesting commentary with all the various differences between the 2 types. Some early Red Arrow performers helping to add to their 50th season, including a Yellowjack, formerly owned Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, plus 2 other Gnat variants as well as a 111 squadron hunter. Amongst the foreign aircraft was a superb demonstration by the Swedish of their Saab Draaken and a Viggen both of which are the only flying examples left. All in all a very good show, next year it is cancelled due to runway renewals, maybe it will return in 2016 Well organised and the Veterans enclosure facilities excellent.
  2. This week-end is the famous 'Flying Legends' show and there will be many of the old warbirds flying, always a good show, full of atmosphere. Its a 2y event so on both Sat and Sun at the IWM at Duxford.
  3. Hunts RNA BBQ Saturday, I told them all I've booked a classic air show well if they get up a bit higher and look slightly south they are in for a treat
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  4. Bournemouth Air Show end of August (Bank Holiday) - lots of RN/RM involvement with beach assaults to go with the air displays ... Vulcan / Red Arrows / BBMF / RN Hisotrical Aircraft etc etc. .... and it's FREE!!!!!
  5. Duxford was very good as per usual and a stunning performance by the RN historic flight's Sea Fury ! Next week its off to Cleethorpes for a free show by the sea!
  6. I can highly recommend the Bournemouth festival.
    I've been going the past 4 years and it gets better year on year!
  7. I heard that the Yeovil air day went very well, as did the show at Cleethorpes, weather superb and the flying too.
  8. Ditto on Bournemouth - but - be aware parking is not good in the town. They have a park and ride or come by train.

    Plenty of cheap hotels if you are making a weekend of it but book quickly.
  9. Tomorrow sees the Canadian Lancaster due in at RAF Coningsby, interest will be high and anyone travelling to Coningsby shoulkd be aware of possible delays and difficult parking.
  10. Update : All went well despite the adverse weather, Vera landed ok and is now ensconced in the BBMF hangar at Coningsby.There are a number of airshows at which the 2 Lancs will be participating together, timetable can be found on the tour website, as well as viewing days at the BBMF hangar.
  11. Dead sparrows in Minehead on the 13th.
  12. Whilst not strictly an airshow, the publice were treated today to a flight of the 2 remaining airworthy Lancasters at Coningsby Lincs, they have begun practising formation flying to enable them to get their PDA (public display authority]. Before embarking on a series of airshows and displays.
  13. If anyone's interested ... Bournemouth Line up!

    » What’s OnBournemouth Air Festival 2014

    Whats on
    More than just an airshow, the 1.5 mile Festival site is located between Bournemouth and Boscombe Piers, including the East Overcliff. Open from 10am – 10pm Thursday to Saturday, and 10am – 6pm on Sunday!

    The action kicks off with 95 year old Wing Walker Tom Lackey at 1.25 pm on Thursday. Flying begins at 12.30pm on Friday and Saturday and at 11.45pm on Sunday.

    Check out the sections below for an overview of whats happening at this years events as well as information on where you can purchase the official Air Festival brochure!

    You can download the 2014 Air Festival leaflet here

    In the air
    The Air Festival flying kicks off at 1.25pm on Thursday with 95 year old wingwalker Tom Lackey. On Friday and Saturday the flying starts at 12.30pm and on Sunday the flying starts at 11.45pm.

    Night Air flying displays start from 7.15pm each evening.

    Follow the links below to find out a bit more about the aircraft and what day they are flying at this year’s Air Festival…

    The Red Arrows – Thursday / Friday/ Saturday / Sunday – Apprearing on all four days of the Festival this year

    The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight - Saturday / Sunday – Featuring two Canadian Lancasters, Dakota, Hurricane and Spitfire

    The Vulcan - Saturday – The XH558 AVRO Vulcan

    Hunter Jet – Miss Demeanour - Friday / Saturday

    Sally-B – Friday / Saturday / Sunday – B-17 Flying Fortress Sally-B

    Canberra – Sunday – English electric PR9 jet

    Sea Vixen – Sunday – De Havilland Sea Vixen DN110 FAW

    The RAF Typhoon - Friday – Royal Air Force Eurofighter jet

    The RAF Tucano - Thursday / Friday / Saturday – The Tucano T1 jet

    The RAF Tutor - Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday – A Grob Tutor aircraft

    The RAF Chinook - Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday – RAF HC2 Chinook

    Rolls Royce Spitfire - Thursday / Friday / Saturday – Supermarine Spitfire PR Mk XIX-PS853

    The Royal Navy Blackcats - Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday – Helicopter display team

    The Royal Navy Merlin - Thursday / Friday / Saturday – RN Merlin HM1

    Army Solo Lynx - Friday / Saturday / Sunday – The Army Lynx Helicopter

    O’Brien’s Flying Circus - Thursday / Friday / Saturday

    The Twister Aerobatic Solo - Thursday / Friday

    The perfect place to watch the displays is Festival Hospitality, register your interest now!

    On the ground and at sea
    The Royal Navy & Army will again be demonstrating their land,sea and air capabilities with a number of great static and interactive displays at their Village area. The Army Village will be located on Bournemouth seafront and is the perfect place to come and discover more about the Army. Land vehicles that will be on display include a Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank, a Jackal 2 weapons platform, a CVRT Scimitar Aroured Reconnaissance Vehicle, and a Trojan Armoured Vehicle, as well as the Combat Support Boat, Terex Crane and 15t truck! There will be a static Apache helicopter flight simulator and demo Gazelle. Also in the Army Village area will be lots of Armoury including the AS90 gun, a L118 light gun and a Starstreak High Velocity Missile.

    There will also be unarmed combat demonstrations and the historic Beat Retreat performed by The Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Collingwood.

    The RAF Village is set to feature a full size Chinook mock-up, elements of the RAF Central Band, a 591 Signals Unit, a No 3 Mobile Catering Squadron, a No1 Radio School, the RAF Recruiting and Motivational Outreach Team as well as stands from many of the participating display teams including the Red Arrows and charities such as Hounds for Heroes, the Jon Egging Trust, the Royal Air Force Association and the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund.
  14. Very good itinery there, I expect there will be a lot there over the festival time. Pity it is so far away for the likes of me, hopefully a lot will be able to see the 2 Lancs, they were in the air over here yesterday. Lets hope the weather is good.
  15. Hurricane and spitfire flying over Hunstanton today. Did quite a few low passes over the Golden Lion hotel, looking for vacancies

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  16. Bournemouth was brill. Only got down for the Saturday but Typhoon put on a good display. Memorial flight minus the Canuk Lanc due to engine problem. Hawker Hunter ... was a bit disappointed no Sea Vixen but apparently owned by same guy who owns the Hunter so guess he can't fly both at the same time ... Vulcan was awesome ... was only due on Sat but they scratched up a crew for the Sunday too. Red Arrows (only 8 as one went home compassionate leave ... in 'kin Lear Jet! ... whats wrong with the train ... due to sprog being dropped. Wocka Wocka .. Wildcat .. Lynx. Good day's entertainment.
  17. Hope the engine problem for Canuk Lanc is fixed for Sunday! It's the main reason I'm going to ! No Typhoon unfortunately,but did see it display a few weeks ago in Newcastle at Festival of Flight.Missed out on RIAT this year but have already booked the flights for next year!

  18. From BBMF Home page ...

    Lancaster Update - With thanks to the many individuals at Durham Tees Valley Airport, work is continuing on the engine swap. The damaged engine has been removed from the aircraft and stripped of all of the components we will need. The BBMF replacement engine is being built up but we are still discovering several small differences between the two which are not show stoppers, but are time consuming. The replacement engine will be hung tomorrow

    So here's hoping for you. But display info only give 1 Lanc not 2 - although Council site says 2!

    Incidentally ... BBMF came over Bournemouth at tree top height yesterday (at least that what it seemed) 6 Merlin engines going ... awesome!
  19. Thanks for the info MG -the roar would indeed have been awesome. Iwill be very miffed indeed if the council site info is inaccurate....


  20. Just back from airwaves portrush. The two Lancs displayed and were truly amazing to see and hear! I do believe I'd a speck of dust in my eye at one point. Overall the show was excellent and all aircraft displayed very close to the crowd. One small criticism would be that the programme was missing a modern fast jet - not necessarily a Typhoon but something like an F-16 would have been great.Hopefully next year.


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