Airport Security - Profiling?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by alhucoll, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. Having just travelled through Aberdeen airport the first time since the botched attempt on Glasgow airport I found the security checks had not changed.
    Being a white British resident and not resembling an asian or arab I was still required to remove my shoes, belt etc and show the soles of my (clean) socks - now the point is:

    Should profiling be used to target the "terrorists"?
    As all recent attacks have been carried out by Muslims of an arabic/asian appearance, surely the authorities should be concentrating their resources in that area, thus targetting security checks in the right area. Or is this a case of Political Correctness trying not to upset a minority of the population?
  2. Who is to say that the next attack won't use British converts such as the shoe bomber, or Chechans? We would look pretty foolish then if we had been targetting only one particular looking group.
  3. Equally all the bombers in the UK so far have been male, so should we not bother checking women. Trying to restrict the range of people you check just gives the b*st*rds another way to wiggle through the system. These checks should be wholly random that way the terrorists will never know who is the next to be checked and that will make their job more difficult
  4. Everyone down to the their bra and pants, even the girls.

    Arrive in the airport 6 hours early to make sure there is time to go through every piece of luggage twice and to be rectally probed once.

    Arrest all white christians, because there won't be too much said about them, give all ethnics gold cards to use the lounges prior to meeting the virgins.

    Can't think of anything else for it.
  5. Have you seen the new airport scanners they're going to be trialling?! I've seen the pictures that they produce, and they leave nothing to the imagination of the operator

    Last thing I want is some minimum-waged, can't speak English, airport security groper perving at my wife/girlfriend/daughter all in the name of security
  6. Think that bad!!

    Barstewards made me open my rucksack having discovered a coiled wire device!!!

    With hosepipes being so dear with the taxes in Ireland I decided to buy one in the UK and take back for our allotment in Ireland.

    There I was at security taking out the hosepipe, bird netting and dog chews and eccles cakes for all the world to see!!!

    The coiled wire device being the reinforced hosepipe!

    I was sent back to check in and had to pay ten quid to take over.

    Another ten quid to add to the six hundred and thirtysix million euro fortune of Michael O'leary of Ryan Air fame.

    Now if I was a muslim perhaps I could have been shot on the spot????
  7. I didn't realise that a Sainsbury ready made curry was an explosive device until some humourless tart in Glasgow explained it to me! Go back to EasyJet check-in, do not pass Go, do not collect £200.
  8. Gatwick were a little friendlier when they could not make out my two large Pork Pies and Stilton cheese being transported back for a native of Leicestershire who has withdrawal problems with said items. They accepted that she could not manage another two months of cold turkey and waved me thru.

  9. Given that two airliners were brought down by liquid explosives within 20 minutes of one another after they left Moscow; then I am only surprised that it took so long to implement the new controls.
  10. start checking just one group of people and the threat will begin emerging from another.
  11. The point I was trying to make is, should the time and effort that is "randomly" put in at these checks - could it be better focused?

    I was not intending to say the security checks were a waste of time - they are NOT and I'm quite happy complying as I fly at least four times a month, what got my goat was seeing a group of arabs go through before me with no checks barring the metal detector - boots and belts still on and no sole checks, then the next few brits getting the full monty including myself.
  12. Working for Customs, I have to deal with airport security every day. While profiling is a useful tool in certain situations, as far as aircraft safety is concerned unfortunately everyone must be subject to the same examination. If we were, for example, to concentrate on persons 'of middle eastern apearance' the ragheads would soon be using their European converts to do their dirty work. Back to square one.

    An issue I do have is with the quality of personnel used by the private security contractors. Mostly semi-literate ethnics who would seem more at home in a street gang than working at the front line of airport security.
  13. So you think it is OK if they check every one else but you don't need to be checked. How do you know the next ones will be 'Arab' looking, how about the Indonesians, there are more muslims there than anywhere else. Or what about white converts, or Indians that look just like Europeans with a suntan. Just how do you pick the next bomber, it could be the man standing next to you in the queque. There are muslims in every racial group so if you only pick on some you may miss the one you are looking for.
  14. Okay, I'll be blunt.

    The terrorist problem at present IS caused by Muslim Extremists of non caucasian appearance - also it is not being carried out by Christians/Jews/Buddhists/Hindus/Sikhs (enter any religion except Muslim).
    I do not mind the security and comply without complaint, although at times not good humour. I dare say the majority of "white" converts to the Moslem religion are known to the security services for obvious reasons.
    It's about time the Political Correct brigade realised that this is a problem in a certain identifiable part of the population/ethnicity - the last attack on Glasgow, any caucasians there? The 7/7 bombers - any caucasians there? The shoe bomber - one caucasian in the last how many years? Time to take off the kid gloves and face reality, keep the random checks but target the most probable.

    Before people start ranting that I am a racist: I am not a racist and have no problems with any persons religion, I have friends of most race and religion and get on fine.
  15. OK I'll be blunt, just because they have not used people who do not appear to be ethnicly identifiable as possible muslins does not mean that the next attempt will not do so. There are plenty of people from the middle east and the indian subcontinent who do not have the typical appearance of that region, just as there are muslims in all ethnic groupings, concentrating on some ethnic groupings just opens up opportunities for those who wish us harm. They have twice tried to get under our cover, first by using 'home grown extremists, then by using doctors, what next? Do not fight the last battle fight the next one it does increase your chances of success.
  16. The terrorist only has to do their job correctly once..
    Anti terrorist forces have to do the correct thing all the time..
  17. Never realised that at all Suss. It must have slipped my mind.
    Oh well, next time it'll be an eighty year old Scottish grandmother who can trace her ancestry back hundreds of years to the clan MacDuff who slipped through the full security checks and blew a plane out of the sky.
  18. Not now you've grassed her up!! Cheers chum, so much for that idea.


  19. Sorry, but it has been done before! Well almost.
    76yr old man plus his 'daughter' and a Korean airliner + pax in bits on the ground.
    The device was concealed inside a wine bottle that was left on board during a transit stop - liquids again!
  20. 'Passed over' dunno about Sainsburys Curry but a tesco one certainly is (well when you see the look on my dog's face after eating one it is - the wife hates the smell too - but hell he loves 'em

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