Airport renamed after George Best

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Jenny_Dabber, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. He may of been a good footie player for all of 4yrs, thrown a decent liver away and, well could go on but is this not a little OTT?

  2. Good old George, his name liveth on.
  3. So does his hang overs :wink:
  4. So lets rename Gatwick to Nobby Stiles International!!!!!
  5. Sorry, this is bollocks. Seven or so years of good football, followed by thirty pissing it up, beating up women and taking up NHS resources. Some poor bugger is probably dead right now because the liver he needed went to George Best.
  6. i couldnt agree with you more Shippers!
  7. I have spoken to a few people who on the one hand say that he was a genius on the field of play, but think that enough is enough. The airport doesnt need to be renamed and if it did the people of not just Belfast but the whole of Norn Iron should have been consulted. I propose Blair Maine the man with a real fighting spirit.
  8. LS McGuiness VC, at least he was a matelot.
  9. Don't be too hard on George after all alcholism is a sickness I am sure we have all come across someone with a drink problem. They can sometimes be sighted in the Ship Leopard after leaving Haslar on the mandatory end of course piss up.
  10. Get it right!

    It is 'Emma's, mid week (Wed) of the basket weaving course'...........or am I the only one that has experienced this??
  11. I am going back a year or 30 JD :wink:
  12. We used to have a PJT in the G&D before moving on!

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