Airfix kits nowadays


You're telling me!! Back in the day there were seventy or eighty and I could build one in an hour or two. Now its gonna take a while - mind you eyesight may be an issue now too!


Being a newbie here, I thought I might add my twopennorth. Airfix kits are far better these days than the old days of the seventies when you had to hack off great lumps of flash and find moulding marks with one pound lumps of milliput. Detailing is far better, and for the price, not a bad kit.


Anyone interested in Military Modelling, have a shufti on our sister site ARRSE, where there is an excellent model-making forum dedicated, but not restricted to, all things military/modelling.


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You are getting confused. That's just the crumbs off your Rich Tea biscuits.
I suppose it's easy to be confused if the kit bits are grey and the biscuits are that version of grey called beige!

Am I still in 2015? I was 6yrs younger back then. No wonder I don't want to leave...


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May I add a +1 to the ARRSE modelling pages. There is some STUNNING stuff in there. It seems you not only buy the plastic modelnowadays, but then buy a set of 'posh' very detailed brass parts to finish the kit off.

Have a look....

Also look for the specific models being made. Those pages are keeping me quiet for hours!

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