Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by joeyd12345, Jan 4, 2014.

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  1. Aircrewman Direct Entry. Acquaint Courses and FATs

    Hi Guys,
    apologies if this has already been covered, however i am currently in the process of joining the Navy as a direct entry aircrewman, i have passed my interview and fitness test and the next obstacle is the flight aptitiude test. i have spoken to a couple of guys who have recently done it and they have told me what to expect eg mental arithmetic, SDT, coordination etc. however i was just wandering, is the pass mark or test the same of those potential officers must do? or is the pass mark different?
    i have been revising and am aiming for the officer pass marks, however i was just wandering if anyone knew he answer and if so explain what the rating aircrewman pass mark is?
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  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    To be honest, I'd just aim for as good as a result as possible.

    If I were to pluck a random figure from the ether and tell you a fictitious pass Mark, would it make any difference to how well you prepare?

    Best of luck, you reap what you sow.
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  3. ok great, yeah thats what im going to do, no point settling for something which isnt your best. thanks for your reply!
  4. Lot of aimless wandering going on there..:sad3::rofl:Good luck.
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  5. The pass marks will never be given to any candidate. The Naval officer at Cranwell may tell you a percentage you were out. All the tests are weighted differently for each role. I sat the new batch of tests and nobody out of our group of fifteen had any idea after if we had done well or not. Just enjoy them it will be the most abstract 7 hours of your life.
  6. Really? I suppose that's easier in a way, not knowing how well your doing, what role did u go fir if you dint mind me asking?

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  7. From what I have heard aircrewman have the lowest pass mark, but figures are never given. I went for pilot. Passed for pilot, observer and ATC and got selected as a pilot after AIB
  8. not true my bold ...Pilots have the lowest pass mark followed by the observer, and then the aircrewman, and finally GOD the aircrewman diver.....FACT
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  9. From what you have heard!!!!! And your going to pilot an aircraft. (Subject to successful completion of all your flying training of course). What happened to facts. You'll fit in well in the P & O's clan.
  10. so is pilot one of the higher marks for the FATS then? does a rating aircrewman have to get similar marks of those of an officer?
  11. so is the pilot one of the higher marks to get? also does a rating aircrewman need to get marks similar to those of a potential officer on the FATS?
  12. So a Rating aircrewman has one of the highest pass marks?

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  13. The pilot is ther to fly the aircraft to where the Observer requires to be.
    The Observer is there to operate ALL the complex electronic equipment which enables whicheever weapon is being used to be used correctly.
    The Aircrewman is there to fabricate any excuses (sorry the other two are occifers) or reasons as to why the mission was not a success and also to carry the can
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  14. Haha ok so observers will have a higher pass mark then pilots? But pilots in turn will be higger than aircrewman?

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  15. Each test has different marks for each role. Somebody could have the aptitude for observer but not for Pilot and ATC, whereas somebody could have the aptitude for pilot and ATC and not observer. Don't worry about pass marks because you have no idea what each test will give you for marks. Just enjoy it and don't get too drunk the night before it's an early start.
  16. ATC..don't figure in the pass mark, unless they fail ....then they are O/K... You need to be a special kind of mortal to jump out of a perfectly serviceable chopper at 80 feet, with your fins on......with that you have passed out with the highest marks .....and become an aircrewman diver AKA GOD
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  17. not so my bold!!!
  18. Don't get involved with one needing more than the other. Just do your best and take the results as they come. Good luck.

    Just remember as an aircrewman you have two pilots to get you there and a observer to get you lost. Aircrewman pick up the pieces and find submarines - deliver Royal Marines and as Slim says make excuses for the officers!!!!!:toothy6:
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  19. Ok thanks waspie, should hopefully be ok :)

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  20. I've recently sat my FAT hoping for ATC but only passed for Aircrewman-sadly my eyes let me down so it's a branch change for me! It's as someone has already said-all tests are important just in different weightings for the different roles-and they won't tell you which. From what I could see-finishing at a similar time to about half the test-most people who passed for something passed for Aircrewman at least. So I'd guess it's easier?! Good luck! Sleep/eat well cause it's a long day! Also those who made themselves sleepy via the bar/chatting to other candidates seem to score better than those who attempted an 8pm bedtime!

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