I have just put my chit in to transfer to aircrewman and I am awaiting clearance then grading. I have read all the posts on here and BR3. Is there any current Pingers on here to give me some advice? As this is the route I hopefully wish to go down. Many thanks Dan.


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Get your head in the maths books now and start learning basics then work towards Speed Time Distance and stuff.

Get on to the Defence Learning Portal (via work or internet) and there are some maths programmes on there and I think if you access via work there is a UW type programme - might be worth a look.


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Just logged on to the DLP and in the RN section of the catalogue there are loads of maths ones from either the Air Engineering or MWS sections plus some theory of flight that can't harm. Plus the Active Sonar Protection course - it is all about being pink and fluffy and not killing dolphins with sonar.

Some cracking stuff on the LP and people really don't use it enough.
One of my lads wanted to go, and the advice I would give is get your DO to ring up the Senior Aircrewmen at each of the training squadrons. They will talk you through the grading, and are mega-helpful and want you to succeed.
As an ex 'crewie' I don't think the time speed distance thing has much relevance to the course these days. That was designed as a pressure thing when navigation was high on the aircrewmans syllabus.

My advice would be to contact the aircrewman school direct and ask either an instructor or student what is best to brush up on. You will get nothing but help so don't think they will see it as Mr Thickie calling.

Way back in the dark ages I arranged a secondment to a squadron to work with the crewies to get a flavour of the job.

There a couple of serving crewman who pop in on here time and again, hopefully they will be around to offer some in date info as mine in way out of date, (I'm taking late 70's), so add a big pinch of salt to the first paragraph!!!!!

Good luck, the training is worth it.
They're more than happy to arrange a visit - the AB I helped got 3 days with the Merlins (including a flight) and 2 days with the Junglies (with 2 flights)
Guys, thanks for the advice. I will email the CPO training tomorrow with regards to getting an aquaint down at Culdrose. Gunz thanks for the link to the dlp.
I am an ex aircrewman and agree with Waspie :wink: You might like to put down one of these on your secret Santa wish??? list for Crimbo to play with.... about £ 20
Get yourself to the met office too. An introduction into basic meteorology and oceanography wouldn't do you any harm, especially as you 'want' to become a pinger!!!!!

I had the basic alpha numeric 'Terminal Airfield Forcasts' or TAF's off to a T when I went for my interview. Also something less that didn't have to learned when on course.

Oceanog' will be your bread and butter as a pinger and the annual simulator checks will hammer home the need for that knowledge. (As I found out to my displeasure).

If you do get a placement with a squadron, spend as much time asking questions as you can. Get as much flying time as you can. Sod all like tipping up on course and first flight you find you hate flying. A tad embarrassing.

Don't go too deep into any self taught stuff as I would bet you will go too deep and the info will be of no use. As you said, make contact with the aircrewmans school and take advice from them on what to help you before hand.

Remember there are other courses apart from flight training you will need, survival being one, and with out being a kill joy the medical is the biggest hurdle to get over.

All that said, good luck, aircrewman in the RN has to rated as one of the most rewarding. I will say this now I have gone, but I would have done it without the specialist pay.
I remember been seconded to the Aircrewmen while on light duties -
Maps & charts with Bing
making coffee for all you winchweights & even got a jolly to Arbroath with you Dougie
chockhead819 said:
I remember been seconded to the Aircrewmen while on light duties -
Maps & charts with Bing
making coffee for all you winchweights & even got a jolly to Arbroath with you Dougie
That wasn't to let booties jump from our magnificent flying machine was it?

I think you'd remember another trip we made to Arbroath. Forced landing at Dundee when the gear box dumped the contents over 'Bonnie Scotland'. That was bum clenchinly exiting!!!!!!!!
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