Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by navyboy, Sep 25, 2008.

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  1. hey all. ive been wandering around for some time on these forums but have never come across any info on becoming a aircrewman.
    ive searched all MOD intranet sites and the like, but havnt found anything of interest yet.

    does anybody know what the training is like? ive heard its a 5 week aquaint just to see if your good enough! im really interested to transfer, but with no info floating around i cant really make up my mind. any info will be gladly excepted! cheers!
  2. Erm...................Transfer from what?
  3. sorry, transfer from a Seaman Spec. ive been told that i have all the attributes to do so, just manning and medical clearence is all i need. but im getting no information on what actually the job and training entails!
  4. There are threads on the very subject if you can be bothered to look, i can`t.
  5. thanks for the warm welcome!!

    ill go back to searching again.
  6. FFS Why not ask your recruiting Office? Are you people really so thick?
  7. It's normal, just ignore them.
  8. my recruiting office? ive been in the navy for 6 years, its a sideways branch transfer...! im just trying to get info on the branch.. i.e maybe theres a aircrewman on these forums, as i dont get into much contact with the FAA in my job!

    ive searched, but alot of the posts are on the officer side of things, however with me wanting to be a aircrewman i pressume the training side of things will differ.
  9. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Welcome NavyBoy, I'm not aware of any serving aircrewman on the forums, probably the best advice is here See Avoiding Action's Post

    Just ignore Hig, he's old and miserable, it was his dream to become an aircrewman but he just got to watch them fly away everyday :dwarf:
  10. There must be a training school somewhere, I know we used to (and prob still do) train aircrewmen on 824NAS at Culdrose. Try the school, if not, try giving a squadron a call and see if they can help, or, better still, if there is a LH or PO who can spare 5 minutes for a chat.

    Good luck.
  11. It was never any ambition of mine to be an Aircrewman.

    Only Birds and fools fly, and birds don`t fly at night, but bats and twats do.
  12. As an ex aircrewman, (Left 15 years agao), I have to say if you have to trawl forums for info on Crewies then you ain't searching hard enough.

    No-one will hold your hand transferring to Aircrewman, it's up to you to do all the running.

    Personally, I hassled the Chief aircrewman of 771 at Portland until he let me have a flight to see if I liked flying. I then got myself 2 weeks attached to the squadron and learned as much as I could. I went winching, learned to read TAF's, (Terminal Airfield Forecasts), (weather reports to you and me). I lived in the aircrewies crewroom when I wasn't doing my day job.

    You have to do all the running. I was sure it was part of the process of transferring. If you want to transfer then get off your arse and research. Write a letter to the nearest air squadron and see if you can visit them with a view to a branch change. Talk to your DO and tell him what you want.

    It's all up to you I'm afraid.

    If you do, be prepared to be ostrasised by all and sundry. To the officers your a rating and to your own your a WAFU aircrewman on your jack jones.

    Good luck.
  13. By favorite saying about night flying.

    "Bats and Twats"

    So I guess I'm the duty fool too!!!! :thumright: But hell the dosh came in handy!
  14. Navy boy PM me your questions and I will answer them for you.

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