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Hello all. I am currently in the process of hopefully becoming an aircrewman, just passed my PJFT so the nerve wracking FATs are next... Anyway I am hoping somebody can help give me some thorough details on the pipeline of becoming an aircrewman.

Firstly can I get some details on phase 2 at RAF Shawbury, the training involved, the time scale, the living arrangements etc.

Secondly. Same as above for what the CHF or ASW training involves? Also this may sound stupid do you get your wings at the end of specialist training?

Finally, what happens if you aren't successful during one of the stages throughout your training?

I hope someone can enlighten me as best they can or perhaps point me to a webpage which does. Thanks
It doesn't appear anyone is that clued up on the pipeline tbh. Not sure yet, some time in April I am suspecting but ill wait until Cranwell send me the letter out. Hows your prep going? Any words of wisdom?
Well, I'm applying for pilot so my prep may differ slightly from what you need to do but on the whole it should be the same:
Practice speed distance time

I'm sure you've seen before that that is all you can do but in my opinion its not.
Keep up on current affairs, not only if you get called up early for AIB will it be easier, but I imagine it is a great point conversation between you and the other candidates

They will send you a rather long document containing the different tests and for mepersonally, I read this and decided to focus on SDT and guessing angles/bearings but this will change depending on your strengths.

I will post on here after FAT with any tips etc...
Hope that helps
Also I don't know how your fitness is - it is good enough to pass - but don't stop the fitness work, sorry if it seems an obvious point but you want every bit of edge over the competition
I did my FATS in December, don't worry about them at all they are some tests you cant prepare for. However like Amesy said get really good at SDT and Fuel consumption calculations and it will help massively. ( this website helped me.)
Another thing that i think might help is any memory games you can find. Both short and long term memory is tested so practicing them wouldn't be a bad idea.

Last bit of advise is don't worry yourself to much and enjoy them, i naturally felt nervous but ended up having a great time.
Hope this helps :)
I'm also hoping to become aircrewman, and as regards to the training pipeline i too cant seem to find detailed info about whats involved.
Apart from some of the recruiters on here or the off chance a current serving aircrewman pops up your not going to get much info as the Direct Entry Aircrewman is a new thing.

I'm an ex aircrewman but so far out of touch with current training regimes as to be of no use. Don't treat the silence as being ignorant its simply your in new ground for many!

Hey. Thanks for your help, I will get on with SDT.

In other news, I found out my FATs arent until mid May. Slightly disappointed and unsure I will be able to make it as I am potentially away for those dates. Waspie I wondered if you could help me, is rescheduling to a date down the line acceptable?
You need to speak to a recruiter as soon as possible and discuss it with them. Like I said, I am over 20 years out of the system so what was acceptable then may or may not be now.
Speak to your AFCO, I'm sure they will realise there is life outside!!!
Good luck to those doing fats, having just got back from mine I can say if you're doing it in feb then it will be chuffing cold! Advice from me, relax the evening before, play risk and go to the shop to get some cashew nuts, then get a good nights kip and drink plenty! But stay calm and try to enjoy it, SDT is also a good thing to practice.
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Cheers mate, i feel as tho i ve done a fair bit. Mental Maths is something i ve really had to work on, so i hope it doesn t fail me to much on the day. But apart from that i m nervously excited for the actual tests as heaps of people say that the whole couple of days is a decent bit of fun
yeah that looks like the right one, complete madness although you may find some of the other tests are harder/more difficult to get to grips with :D I found I was actually more exited than nervous, and you all get to know each other fairly quickly, or at least a group of the other people you are with. I will also agree that it is a decent bit of fun, if you can relax into it the night before you will hopefully be okay the next morning. oh and the showers are very nice too, I recommend the ones down the end of the shower room. I had to work on my mental maths too so I hope you do good.
Thanks Kiwi! Not long now until ive got it. Started hammering revision for mental arithmetic, but most importantly SDT. Seems theyre the only things you can truly prepare for so thats all i am focusing on. Hows other peoples FATs prep going? Any wise
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