Aircrewman Selection Interview

I have my Aircrewman selection interview coming up and I am confident the 5 topics that are given in the email they send out, however, I am slightly anxious as to how in-depth I need to know the actual Fleet Air Arm Aircrewman background knowledge. For example, how in-depth do I need to know the training that I would carry out or is this enough:
1.) Basic training at HMS Raleigh for 10 weeks to develop my self-discipline, teamwork and how to overcome problems and also how to fire and maintain the SA80 rifle.
2.) After this, flying training is carried out at RAF Shawbury for 40 weeks and I will be filtered to do appropriate specialist training either as an Ant-Submarine or Commando Aircrewman. This will involve flying in helicopters in airborne environments. Anti Submarine training is conducted at RNAS Culdrose in Cornwall for 16 months and commando training is taken at RNAS yeovilton for 7 months.
3.) On completion you will be selected a Naval Air Squadron relevant to your training.
... in-depth am I required to know background knowledge? so know what helicopters can land on what ships? all of the naval air squadrons? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I had mine a few weeks back and it was very relaxed. What you have listed is all you need to know.
Maybe learn about the Aircraft used.
Merlin mk1 and mk 2 for ASW (anti sub warfare)
merlin mk3 and linxs wildcat for commando/jungly
i said that i would prefer jungly over ASW and the seemed to like that i knew what i wanted to go and that i understand you get put where they want.
Just go in confident and ask questions
Thanks for the reply chap. Not needed any-more however as it turns out I can't resit my FATs from a previous RAF application until next year. oops. My application has closed down...
I'm going to re-apply for aircraft handler...hopefully be able to fast-track up the ranks with my A-levels.
If anyone reads this...could someone please enlighten me. Free tea and biscuits to all who do :)
I would like to work with aviation, outside and out and about...if I applied for Aircraft Handler, would their be any opportunity once say I am already in the navy to become a door gunner?
You can go side entry in to ACM from any brunch up until the age of 30 i think. Aslong as a year has passed from your last FATs.
I do know aircraft handler has a 2 year wait as it was my second choice.
The last aircraft handler I knew who wished to become an door gunner unfortunately did not make it.
Though he passed and accepted the more hazardous position as a S.T.C.
balls. well thanks for the info anyway! I rang the careers chap at the AFCO and I've decided to work off the 7 months or so until I can re-sit the FAT's and also spend that time brushing up on the maths etc. If I screw up FAT's again then I will go for either AET or chockhead.
either one of the two! ;) hoping I do get to become an aircrewman first of all though...just need to get a high enough score in these dreaded FAT's. I scored high enough in the RT for any Id probs go for AET

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