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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Magnum, Dec 30, 2012.

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  1. hey guys and girls! im looking to transfer to aircrewman but information is pretty damn hard to find! all i managed to get so far is email addresses for a few WO1RM (and i dont fancy pestering them) and an RNTM. if im honest im looking for absolutley any information about the course and what i need to get practising. cheers much
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  2. If your in the Corps, and you have an email for the WO1 RMAC branch sponser, send him a sensible/polite request for info. Or ask the JNCO/SNCO's around you if they have any muckers (that are aircrew) they could ask for you.

    Failing that use the pusser exchange to get the number for the crew room at 771 sqn and ask for Corporal Morgan.

    He's all over the net, before anyone has a hissy fit about persec........^_~
  3. The WO1 is a top bloke, just ring him.
  4. As an ex aircrewman, (RN), expect to do most of the chasing yourself.

    As above ring the bloke, no-one will do it for you. Getting your name registered in their minds will help.

    It can be a long slog, don't know about the corp but in the RN you may not get any help until you are in the aircrew training pipeline. I bored everyone to death to get a secondment to 771 to see if I would like the job. Also flew every opportunity I could grab. It all helps to show one's seriousness about transferring over. Start reading serious papers too! General knowledge was a biggy at the selection interview.

    Like I said, mine is a RN perspective of many years so please take with a copious pinch of the proverbial! You really need to get in touch with serving RM Aircrew to get it from current flyers!

    Oh - and good luck - the end is worth it!
  5. One of my killicks wanted to do it and he managed to get a week each at 824 and 848. The feedback I got from him was everyone was out to help him achieve his aim - in the end his aircrews medical failed him.
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  6. thank you for the help fellas. As an RN rating i was expecting to do alot of chasing from the start but finding somewhere to begin seemed harder than it should, then again i suppose it adds to the 'how much do you actually want it' side of transferring. My DO is pretty damn sound and is giving me gentle nudges in the right direction if i need them. hopefully ill have a week or so in Yeovilton/Culdrose to get a day to day sight of what goes on this year.
  7. Confused why you posted this in the 'Corp' section when you are a RN rating and the branch is RN!!!!

    That said. Speak to your DO, see if he is up for you having a short term secondment to any squadron. Most RN aircrew do a tour pinging first, so the logical choice would be a pinging squadron. 771 @ CU are pretty useful for secondary role stuff, winching, load lifting and general aviation. Don't expect to get on a SAR cab - if you do and they get a shout expect to be dumped!!! You are 200 Lbs of baggage as far as weight is concerned.

    Grab it by the throat and go for it. (It took me 3 attempts to get my wings but by **** it was worth it). The secret to start with is to get flying every opportunity you get. I even became a flying maintainer doing in flight tracking and test flights etc just to get airborne.

    I hope attitudes have changed since my day. When I finally transferred, the lads I had worked with previously gave me the cold shoulder - long term, even now, some will not speak to me as I went aircrew. Be warned.

    You go for it if it is indeed what you want = **** the rest! and again - good luck.
  8. apologies i should have said at first im RN, i posted here because i found older posts asking about the job and they had some good replies. ill speak to the flight on board and get some hours in the air as soon as i can. ill start being a pest if i keep getting pushed away, same way as anyone gets anything.
  9. If you have an embarked flight ask for the 'Jollies Book' stick your name in and get a flight. You'd be surprised how many potential aircrew don't like flying!!!! If your on the ships flight even better. Just tackle the FC and get up in the air. Make contact with the pilot or flight Observer and ask them about aircrewman - probably not know a lot - but will have access to relevant info, (I should hope)!!!!!!!
  10. i went up for a jolly before and loved every second. i already asked the flobs and pilot and there happy to take me through some things. is there anything you can tell me about the course that i need to know but wont find on the RNTM?
  11. I would be wrong to advise on need to know stuff. I did my course in 72 - Failed!!! 75 - Failed!!!! Finally in 78 Passed. So not only am i so far out of date with the current training cycle but my memory wouldn't hold up to anything anyway!!!!!! Always good to keep abreast of current affairs and not from the 'Sun' or 'Daily Star's' point of view either!

    There is/are some serving crewies about on here but don't hear of them often. Hows your education by the way. Is NAMET still going or do you have GCSE thingy's? You needed a NAMET score 0f 3-3 to transfer but were expected to improve by the end of BFT, (Basic Flying Training).
  12. I presume you're on a Lynx flight ship? If so, it's even more important you get a week or two at a couple of squadrons to understand what's what. The lads/lasses down there will give you the gen, as will the senior instructors.
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  13. Oh, and what's your source branch?
  14. Waspie, NAMET has gone now, it's called LANTERN and is a two tier system, LANTERN standing for Literacy And Numeracy TEst RN.
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  15. all my qualifications are sorted im clear up to PO and ill be pushing to get time with squadrons towards the end of this for my source branch im warfare (the only real branch)
  16. If warfare is the only "real" branch, why do you want to get out of it ?
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  17. Then the very first thing you need to do is work out if you'll get manning clearance to switch at all.
  18. Certainly begs the question doesn't it.

    If you answer questions like that at an interview you will be soon returned back to the 'real' branch. If it's a phase then bin it now! You will be assessed and analysed, if you have any doubts in your mind they will find them and bye bye dream.

    A chink in your armour. You were doing well convincing me until that minor slip!!!!
    The reason I took 3 attempts is because I REALLY wanted to fly and be an aircrewman. Wasn't a 'ooh they have gucci kit' it was something I really wanted to do.
  19. I definately wouldnt be answering interview questions like that!i have my reasons to leave warfare behind and the people that need to know them i made sure do.up untill a few months ago i never realised that the aircrewman branch was available to RN ratings (infact it was my afco that told me it was a RM option when i asked him about it)and so now im making up for lost time. hence why i risked posting in the corps section.
  20. I bet you'll get more "real" air time in as air crew than you'll get "real" war time in warfare........=D

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