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Today I had my interview for the Royal Marines which I passed, however the recruiter there was trying to convince me that maybe the aircrewman would be a better career choice, due to my high RT score. According to him it's the best job in the navy, but what would you do once you left the navy? What sort of job would you do?


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Here's a thought....Why not join the Royal Marines & become a Royal Marine Aircrewman?

Last time I was in Yeovilton (last November), the Commando Helicopter Force (CHF) RM Aircrew branch manager stated that he would prefer RM Aircrewmen rather than RN. Therefore if you aspire to be an Aircrewman in CHF, stick with the Royal Marines, they are crying out for Aircrewmen - more so than the RN want Aircrewmen.

A high recruit test score means diddly squat - more graduates join the Royal Marines as Other Ranks each year than join as Royal Marines Officers.

Go for the job YOU want.
As an ex Aircrewman I won't argue that it was the best decision I made in the RN.
As for what to do after the RN. SAR aircrewman. Load master! I tried, (unsuccessfully) for a loadies job in the Far East. Airline operations or management. The job centres haven't a clue, as I found. But the civil jobs are there. If you go Aircrewman, use your time wisely and network well to ensure your known and known for the right reasons. Many jobs are 'acquired' by word of mouth rather than CV if you get my drift.
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