Aircrewman application success rate - improving??

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Chaza, Mar 17, 2015.

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  1. Looking on previous posts application success rates & training pass rates reached what seemed like rock bottom lows for potential Aircrewmen. I'm starting to here of more applicants getting through the application, selection & training hurdles - has there been a lowering of expected standards or more suitably qualified people applying?
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Where are you hearing of more passing?

    So far as I'm aware the pass standards remain unchanged.

    It's a bit like fighter pilots - the RAF reckon they get one for every 25,000 people that set foot in an AFCO. On the day that figure is reached, the pass rate increases by one, but it isn't just given to applicant number 25,001 and doesn't herald an upturn in recruiting successes nor a lowering of standards. Eventually someone passes due to ability. Given time, so do some more.
  3. Cheers Ninja, I'm with you.

    It's my son who is applying soon so I'm involved through him & when I say I've heard it's from my son via [1] schools careers [2] contact number on RN website and [3] from two of his mates who've recently passed RT etc and await a start date for training (co-incidental I know)...

    He's doing his GCSEs at the moment and had planned to do A levels & has had his heart set on Seaman Specialist for about a year until he looked at the Aircrewman role (I know, couldn't find two jobs more poles apart) but he wants to do the jobs because he wants to do them rather than having his eye on how they can help him in civvy street later on etc.
  4. Nope the pass rates are still low, i took mine in january there was about 20 of us in there and only 4 of them passed, one of them not being me
  5. Are you looking to another branch now then natty?
  6. Yeah i am now going in as a Seaman Specialist and have my starting date, and i will see in a years time if i want to re take the aircrew test
  7. So its not the end of your RN career if you fail for Aircrewman. I think going in as a SS may be the best option for my son and maybe look at applying for Aircrewman later down the line if thats what he still wants to do, problem with him is that mental mathematics etc not his strongest points so feel he'd struggle with the Aircrewman selection process... Thanks for the replies guys.
  8. Yeah thats the part that failed me, along with verbal reasoning and short term memory, but yeah SS is probably the best place to start
  9. The Aircrewman branch has historically had a high attrition rate. From application, through medical to course. The standards are high and as such the pass rates can be low.
    But if any applicant applies themselves then the job will open up a brand new world.

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