Aircrew success rate?

Sierra_Hotel said:
Well done KLNA-Cessna-Jockey, that was indeed what I ment, although its probably my poor wording thats caused it! Thanks for you're help!
Let me know how you get on a BRNC natg, an insite into what is ahead would be great!

Also at university, should I go for URNU or UAS? URNU would be obvious, but if I can have yet more help with flying from crab air it could well help me in the direction of FJ later on...

I spent some amazing time with the URNU. Met friends and gained the confidence i needed for the AIB!

If i stuck out UNI then i would still be there.

Never forget the days of ye olde HMS SMITER! My first visit to FASLANE to view the ship and my Aqquaint weekend at Faslane.


[/quote]I Agree with Nat, I started the process of being a pilot as well. Passed my AIB and Passed my Aptitude tests which as said above was not easy a lot of studying was involved and a lot of commitment.

I am however more glad to be an officer in the Royal Navy so i accepted ATCO as being the Officer was more important to me.

It can be done and as long as you stick it out you can do it but i sugest you ask these questions at your AFCO! They are there to help you[/quote]

While its undeniably good to work hard for the aptitudes, You'll have to remember that its not neccessarily about the work. My personal experience (applied last april, aptitudes in august, AIB November and joining BRNC in 3 days time) was that when I got to the FATs thre were a lot of people who sat around reading various books about maths, physics, flying etc etc. I don't know any exact figures - I was admittedly done and dusted before a good deal of people came out of the testing - but the fact that I didn't do any of that - just quite a lot of maths practice - didn't set me back at all. Its not about the work you've done for it, as you will be told, but its all in your genes!

Good luck, whatever you decide to do!
Just thought I would jump in and say to those of you that start BRNC soon you'll have a great time and there's nothong to worry about. But with regards to earlier posts you can get chopped at any stage even without failing tests. You could be conceived to be a future training risk and therefore a risk to the RN's investment in you. Remember as has been said before, Officer first, pilot second.


Taking my FAT and AIB in September, anyone applied as a pilot and got a Uni scholarship or is DE entry better? seeing as the training for pilot is so long