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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Sentenashi, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. I heard somewhere that if you are over 6ft you are unable to join the RN as a helicopter pilot, is this true?

  2. Dont think so oppo? :thumright:
  3. FFS, I AM GOING TO SCREAM, ever thought of looking through the fukcing threads, are you all ********* or what?

    I heard somewhere that my Uncles daughters niece`s cousins mothers father in laws, adopted son had a fukcing toffee shop in Oldham, i could be wrong.
  4. Whereabouts in Oldham, Hig?
  5. Now, now Higgy.... surely you were young and curious once... then again maybe not. :biggrin:

    I don't know about a toffee shop, but there's a nice meat & potato pie shop on the outskirts, at least there was when I was last there in 1979.
  7. So, pig, what exactly is your problem? Why are you such a dick? What happend to you? Was it because you were dropped on your head at a very young age, what height was it from?

    I don't know if you've noticed, but on being a complete and utter hypocrite you score pretty high. Not once have I seen you make a decent, relevant, helpful post, and yet you critisize me for making one thread on my second day of membership here.

    Go on, talk about your deep and intense emotional problems to me.
  8. I have a troubled mind, i worry about the future of the Royal Navy that i have loved all of my life, and It`s people like yourself that cause me this concern, just a tip, why not check what you say before you post it.
  9. And why would i be ruining the RN?
  10. Let me quote your very first post, that you have been back to and edited,

    Hey guys.. first post FTW.

    After my very first run, I got mild asthma like symptoms (I.E tight chest, coughing) but after that everything was fine, and i didn't need an inhaler, and I'm sure that after i become fully fit the problem would be as though it hadn't of existed in the first place, but would the Medical Officer pick up on this and throw me out in three years time? Being a Pilot in the navy is my dream and I just want to be sure.

    You are fifteen years old, try listening to what you are told, check what you have written before you press the submit button, if that does not make sense to you, then why should Britain tremble?
  11. Has to be sad Top Gun, you do come across as pretty stupid.
  12. But you havn't told me anything, you just utter a mindless stream of seemingly cynical garbage which means jack shit to me.
  13. So you want to be a pilot.
    That also means you have to be a naval occifer.
    Now in my day it was always intimated that occifers were better educated than those on the lower deck, this of course was not factually true but gave the occifer a sense of superiority.

    So instead of asking stupid questions (you are not an occifer yet) let your fingers do the walking and look back (using the search facility) and you will find answers to most newbie questions.

    So lets see if this makes sense or is still Jack Shit.

    1. Before asking a question use the search engine to see if it or a similar question has been asked before.

    2. Contact your recruiting office or whatever they call it these days.

    3. Use the power of the Internet to search for answers.

    4. Buy some toilet paper and learn to wipe your arse yourself, contrary to popular belief the steward branch have stopped carrying out this task for their occifers.
  14. That's a classic. I normally feel bad when the newbies such as myself get a bashing from the regulars, but this one is entirely justified.
  15. Please, for the love of fuking god someone enlighten me on was I said was so bad, unless it's JUST because I want to think about what I do when I'm older and not waste my life.
  16. You didn't say anything which was bad per se, Sentenashi. It's just that the guys like to have a bit of fun sometimes.
  17. Pls check your PMs.
  18. whats the motto? "If you cant take a joke, why did you join?" - correct me if im wrong guys

    what the issue was that you posted a comment that came across as a wee bit too, well, pointless. you have 3 years - and a hell of a lot can change in 6 months, let alone 3 years.

    the tightness was just u being unfit m8, nothing new there just happens.

    we are all big men on here (some big girls too) and we all like to have a laugh at other people expense - besides, when i joined, i got a right beasting like u just had. lol its all good - treat it as a SHARP learning curve.

  19. in answer to that question - no, its not that at all, its the length of your longbones (Femur and humorous). if they are too long or too short, then you cant reach the controls, or they cant be adjusted to fit you. AND you could leave your lower legs behind if you were ejected from a harrier XD

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