Aircrew (Pilot/Obs) - Maximum age now 23


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For those who have not yet submitted a completed application form or paused an ongoing application for 12 months upwards, the upper age limit is now 23 upon entry into BRNC. (In other words you must commence training at Dartmouth at least one day before your 24th birthday).

As already alluded in other threads, a Degree is not an essential pre-requisite and the advice is to apply whilst in upper 6th Form.

For those who have an ongoing application, active within the last 12 months, the upper age of 25 still applies.
How times change!!! The days of the 17 yr old Middshipman pilot of Harrier ,Scimitars ,Sea Vixens and Buccaneers :|


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Why have they decided to do this? To cut down on the number of pilots? Would this limit also apply to RM pilots?

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Basically the service seeks to recruit younger people as pilots so that they have a longer flying career. Although it's not been announced yet I'm guessing RM Aircrew (Pilot) must pass flying selection before age 24.
Just an aside what is the flying pay scale for aircrewman???In the RN Couldn't see any reference to it on the pay scales!!! Notice the aircrewman in light blue get £2600 per annum in flying pay and are promoted to Sarg!!!after training . The guys in dark blue are promoted to L/H after training.

Flying pay: RN
This is awarded to Pilots and Observers on completion of professional training and ranges from £14.07 on qualifying up to a maximum of £37.96 per day.
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It should be in the AFPRB 2013 Report somewhere, Scouse. I'm on a mobile, so it's a pain to download and search it.

With regard promotion & pay for aircrewman, much as many of us knock the RAF, myself very much included - maybe they've got it right & the FAA have got it wrong. The reason we all get hacked-off with the RAF is because they seem to get the best of everything, be it PR, living conditions, working conditions, equipment and a variety of other conditions that make their life appear less archaic. Maybe, just maybe, they have better managers who greatly improve the service terms and conditions rather than apply hardships rather than seek improvements, using "tradition" as an excuse for doing bugger all.
Looks like it is £7 .35 p a day at start.. So much the same in SFP....but big wage gap from RN L/H aircrewman on qualifacation to Sargent RAF aircrewman on qualifacation !!!!:eek:mg:
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UY candidates come under the same rules, as they go through the same process as civvie candidates (personal experience)
SUY aircrewmen should still be able to make the transition to observer.
I am interested to know if this applies to AEOs wanting to become test pilots? Not relevant to me, I'm just interested.

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