Aircrew Officer Pilot - Upcoming AIB Prep.


Hello all!

I have just recently passed my FATs and have been given my AIB date for early June! Also, if anyone has any questions or concerns on the FATs please send me a message because I passed last week and it's all pretty fresh still.

I am very aware that there are some excellent threads regarding AIB and what not but my thread is more to find people who have recently gone through AIB and if they could shed some light on their experience. Typically because I'm aware over the past 18 months there have been some significant changes to the board; such as the removal of the 'Essay section' and also a much less in depth naval knowledge required. I just want to ensure that my preparation is tailored correctly and I don't spend hours learning the displacement of the fleet :p when you won't even be asked for the name of a warship! So if there is anyone that has recently sat their board, could they please give me a message so I can pick their brains, much appreciated!

For those who would rather just simply answer a question:
1) Are there any examples of the Planex available? Maybe not exact replicas but something to give you the idea of the volume of information you are to scan..

2) On a recent POV/POAC I spoke to a chap who had just sat his AIB and he said besides some questions on his training pipeline, he was asked no question on naval knowledge at all.. Can anyone vouch for this? (I'm not that naive that I shall be doing no revision into the navy before anyone ask's, just want to get a feel for the time I should spend on it)

Thank you all very much for reading!

Kind regards,
Joel :)
I sat AIB recently.

All in all a great experience and actually enjoyed it more than i expected.

I went in with an attitude of just giving it the best that I could and seeing what happened - must have worked because I passed!
Others on my board were clearly stressing and over thinking things and this definitely affected them. The staff will drill this in from the minute you get in anyway , but just relax , be yourself and give your best shot. Dont beat yourself up if it seems to be all going wrong - its all part of the game.

Regarding your Q's
1) There are some Planexs kicking around on the internet and possibly even on here , you just need to search around.
Knowing the formats is mildly useful but wont give you much of an advantage. On the day the specifics of your scenario will be key to your plans. The planexs i practised / researched on didn't nessecarily help me all that much and unless you have got a group of other people to practice and debate with it wont give a true representation of the real thing.
All of my board got repeatedly told to speak up and clearly project our ideas/ thoughts so make sure you speak loudly and clearly.
Don't dominate the conversation but also don't just go along with it , if you think something is incorrect then speak up. During our group ex we all followed one persons word on a certain location but it was wrong. When it came to grilling stage we all looked pretty sheepish when we realised we were several KM's out from where we thought we were......
During the grilling DO NOT switch off for a second. It is ultra quick fire and if another candidate gets their question wrong it may well be passed straight to you. Be clear and confident with your answers ( even if your not sure!) I said "I think" and "I believe" a couple of times and the prompt reply was "Are you asking me or telling me?"

2) I was asked during my interview to give a few examples of current RN operations and was happy to do so as I had researched it a fair bit.
After chatting with other candidates it seemed I was the only one who was asked current Operations and Fleet and this seemed to catch a few off guard.
I didnt go into huge amounts of detail but just a quick overview of the ships involved ,the main aims / objectives and few details from various sources . There is plenty going on at the moment so get a copy of Navy News and keep an eye on news / defence news sites and you should be fine on this.

Any other questions then just DM me

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