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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Quiffy, Jul 20, 2014.

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  1. Hi guys, I'm preparing for my sift interviews (and then later my AIB) but can't find a lot of information on the the training for the Aircrew Officer Pilot role. Could any of you help me/reccomend any links?
  2. Top right hand corner of the page theres a search function ... type in your search string and Bingo

    About 622 results (0.25 seconds)

    Rule No 1 applies!
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  3. Typical aircrew, only interested in flying
  4. Pipline for pilot is; lots of holdovers.
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  5. All your answers are on the internet.
  6. As my school teacher always put on my report!

    Please try harder!
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  7. It's not a hard question, think about what grading does, then what EFT does. Hint, flying training, doesn't always consist of flying.
  8. Some other duties for a pilot. If you are part of a small ships flight you could be the flight commander. You would be in charge of the welfare of your personnel in the flight, their training, annual reports, admin. On a large squadron you could be designated as a flight safety officer. With regards to the course before grading that's IWOF it's a warfare officers course (lasts for 13 weeks ?) 9 at Dartmouth and 4 at collingwood. Always remember your an officer before a pilot so look at the general duties of an officer rather than just flying.
  9. Then you have not searched effectively as this was discussed in a previous aircrew oriented question on here to which an ex pilot replied very effectively as I did!

    As I said earlier - please try harder. The search button really saves us old farts from too much repetition!!!
  10. Like what individuals on here have been saying and what I've been saying, it's all on the internet. A pilot is an officer, think about where those individuals can end up, and what qualifications they'd need to do those jobs. No point telling you the answer, be proactive.

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