Aircrew officer pilot questions.

Hi chaps, just a few small questions.

1)Obviously as a Warfare officer is promoted they will eventually command a ship, what should a captain/commander who started out as an aircrew pilot officer expect to do later in their career?

2a)I understand that you will be promoted to sub-lieutenant after 12 months whether or not you're in training, however pilot training is quite extensive, I don't know the exact length but if longer than the 30 months required to get to Lieutenant, could you be promoted whilst still in training?

2b) How long is your overall training if going for pilot? (I did hear the figure of 4 years at one point.)

3)With 809 squadron being resurrected and due to fly from the Queen Elizabeth from 2018, is it likely I could be sent towards fast jet rather than helicopter training? (assuming I start at Dartmouth around September 2017, my application is already in the pipeline though I know it could take longer than sept 2017) On the recruitment page on the website, no mention is made of 809 squadron. I'd be delighted to fly in any squadron however, just curious.

4)Is there a shortage or surplus of RN officers at the moment?

5)Will the aircraft start without a Breitling?

Thanks for any answers, much appreciated.


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1.Pilots, in the main, usually stop flying and follow the same career path as Wafare Officers when they reach the rank of Commander but my guess is that is a few years off.

2. Aircrew currently seem to have extraordinarily long holdovers between courses of late but, so far as I'm aware, this does not prevent automatic promotion to Lieutenant if otherwise recommended in all other respects. The real/imagined length of training depends whether the planet's line-up conveniently & the aircraft type chosen by the individual/service.

3. Selection for fast jet/rotary wing is made by aptitude and requirement. Fast jet pilots will need to meet the aptitude requirements first.

4. The latest stats indicate we are 80 officers down, although some would argue this:

Good luck.

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