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I had my medical and PJFT last week. I'm applying for pilot and observer. My issue is my hearing. I had a horrendous cold that week, and I felt really bunged up. I got H2 for my ears which I know is not good enough, as pilot and observer require H1. I was borderline, and the doctor said that it was most likley my cold, and that I would probably get H1 without a cold. Never the less H2 went down on the form. The doctor didnt know the requirements for each trade though, and passed me as Fit, so i took this back to the AFCO and went off and passed my PJFT, and therfore have been told to wait for a sift date. My question is, will that form get sent to AIB or to a medical officer to be checked? Or will the next time my hearing is checked be at the aircrew medical post AIB? I will obviously appeal any rejection, but is this medical just one to get me to AIB, or will AIB look at this medical report and reject me prior to attending AIB? Should I go to my local GP and retake the test (hopefully passing) and tell the AFCO?




It will be rechecked at your aircrew medical.

Don't bother seeing your GP - we are not interested in what civilians think of our standards!

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