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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by schoolboy, Nov 25, 2006.

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  1. Hi chaps, I was wondering if any of you there knew the specifics of the aircrew entry medicals contains. What sort of tests do they do on you regarding eyesight and breathing etc. Cheers
  2. The usual visual accuity tests with Ishihara Colour blindness test for a start.As to the breathing i would assume if you passed the initial medical then there should be no problems,however history of breathing problems could very well bar you.I am sure there is someone with bang up to date info on here.
  3. Well I have passed the rating entry medicals which includes the eye tests. How do the spatial awareness tests work? is there any way these can be praticed as i have no idea what to expect!! thanks
  4. Aircrew medicals are a lot more detailed than the "general" medical everyone gets. There are a lot of things which debar (eg use of an asthma-style inhaler, ever!).

    For entry as a rating your eyesight has to be better than the general standard, as does your colour perception. There are different standards for Pilots and Observers (which are higher). You'll have blood tests, a heart trace and a brainwave recorded.

    I wouldn't worry about practicing for the medical - you can't learn the things as you either have them or you don't!
  5. Schoolboy,

    You seem to be asking the same questions in a lot of threads - you won't get the answers that you clearly want to hear by casting your net widely - it's a bit like sh1t in a fanshaft - all it does spread it around!
  6. They also measure your eyes to see if the spheres are the right shape, you can get details of the tests from any recruitment office, I think Dolland and Aitchson are contracted to perform the eye tests.
  7. Same advice as aptitude tests, avoid highly processed foods and the E numbers you get in junk food!

    When I had my medical, they called me and told me I had to go for more tests as I had had an abnormal EEG. My quack said it could be down to all the E numbers in food and soft drinks so I cut them all out of my diet. I woke up the morning of the tests and was literally, no actually, walking out of the door and the phone rang. Remembering the 5 minute rule we were leaving for Haslar in plenty of time so we answered it. There was nothing wrong with me, the doc was writing his observations on another candidate on the back of my records. Phew!! Met up with that bloke at Dartmouth and he was okay!

    Point is, apart from staying fit and healthy, there's bugger all you can do, you are what you are at the end of the day and if there is a medical reason, it's a far better way of not living your dream than simply not giving it 100%!! There, I've said it, it's only taken 20 years to get it out of my system and admit that I was to blame for flunking as a pilot, thank you RR. Can I leave the couch now?

    ps. Join the local, or not so local RNR, gives you a good heads up to life in a blue suit, and if you have the resources, get some flying lessons then you might have some idea as to whether you get air sick, took me nearly 8 out of the 10 hour syllabus to get over it!
  8. What's the RNR?
  9. My God - that's been on RR for over 2 hours now without the entire RNR community coming down on his head! A new record...?
  10. Nice one angrydoc - can't even get a wind up from the RNR cos they're all on extended, extended, extended LWE!
  11. Nope! Just at the works Crimbo bash!!

    Amazing how many regulars say they will never join the RNR when they leave and then become an integral part of it! Looking forward to you joining!

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