Aircrew Medical - peripheral vision?

Just had word that I failed my aircrew medical on peripheral vision, only I don't remember any peripheral vision tests (I've done one before at Boots but the Navy don't know that). This means I've been scrubbed from the Jan intake.

If anyone knows more about how peripheral vision is tested I'd appreciate the info -- half of me says a mistake has been made, but the other half says that's wishful thinking.

The guy testing my eyes was pretty good about explaining what he was testing and why and definitely didn't mention peripheral vision. He did imply that my eyesight had met RAF standards, so I'm just confused af and this has caught me by surprise.

Edit: for anyone playing along at home, nothing to do with peripheral vision -- the original message was garbled in transit by my ACLO. Eyesight simply too crap to be a pilot!
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Chris P

Go back and ask the question, nicely of course and qualify why you're asking, otherwise you'll never know. Seems reasonable to me looking at the reasoning explained in your post.

Good luck..

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