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Hi Cantona,

Sorry to hear about your mishap with your medical results, hopefully your appeal will go well for you and you can get it sorted.
I'm due to sit my FAT's soon and have just been told the new format is to sit a medical first, could you outline what you had to do?

Thanks in advance

Are you waiting to sit your FAT's aswell?

I sat my first attempt last year and sent my letter applying for my re-test date this week. I got my reply on Friday stating that the AIB now wishes to medically test potential aircrew before forwarding them to aptitude testing. Unless it only applies to me as i am re-taking??
I am awaiting a FAT date.... I guess I'll call my ACLO on Monday and find out what the chuff is going on! Been waiting for a date for quite some time though!
It will more likely depend on when your initial application was made. My original FAT's date took 4 weeks to come through (last December) after my appointment with the ACLO. The date for my medical will be provided thorugh my OCLO in Manchester.

It makes no real difference as i'd only have to sit a medical after my FAT's anyway.
Was just about to call to see whether I have to do the medical first when the AIB called me to arrange a FAT date. So no idea what's going on :) .
Nice one,

I spoke to the AIB last week and was informed that the FAT's and AIB are pretty much open to any date as they have loads of room. They also don't anticipate enrolling any aircrew at Dartmouth until April.

I may be looking at November for my FAT's (although my full 12 months isn't until December 17th oddly enough).


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Hi guys - I've just done my FATs (passed on everything by the way - yay!) and have my AIB in a month. I haven't done the medical yet, and from what I can tell from what I have been sent so far the medical is still done immediately after the AIB at Haslar hospital in Gosport.

Best of luck! If you have any questions about the FATs please feel free to PM me. :)
For aircrew/air traffic control, the medical is started on the final day of the AIB. After getting your result, you take a cab to the Institute of Naval Medicine for a few tests and form filling, but the real tests are the following day, so its another night at the AIB. The next morining you go the the opticians, then to Haslar for an ECG, then to the institute of naval medicine in Gosport for lots more tests and a long sit down with a surg cdr who goes through all the forms and asks you alot of questions about your medical history. If there is something your worried about its bound to come up.
Bear in mind that you are NOT going to get a pass/fail on the day. I did mine earlier in the year with the other guy in my group that passed the AIB with me, and neither of us have got an all clear yet. Something is bound to come up that warrants further investigation, so the process is far from over. Even though I now have an offer for BRNC, it is subject to being signed fit, so i wont be quitting work just yet.
Best of luck with the AIB and the Medical, hope this was helpful, as whin i went i had next to no idea of the medical process.

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