Aircrew Medical: Gosport!?!

Hey, just after a bit more info here grateful for any tips or advice. I have an aircrew medical down in gosport at the end of the month, I'm travelling from N.Ireland what all should I bring with me clothing etc.
What does the whole process invole? I'm assuming it will take longer than the standard one in the AFCO.
Will I be staying on camp? and will there be a group of us or am I likley to be the only person down for the medical?
Again any advice or tips is appreciated.


Take smart civvies, something to go for a beer in (smart civvies), and a suit for the mess.

I think you'll find that "camp" is an Army/RM term.


War Hero
Take no notice of the Doc:grin: You go straight to Seafield Park!!! pop in to the altitude tank, and dont let those Medics take your oxy/mask off, whilst playing uckers:angel8: Then out on the P*** at the Naafi club at HMS Daedalus:clap:You have passed!!!!


Incidentally, there's a sticky thread at the top of the Health & Fitness section where another member has written about the aircrew medical in detail. The search function would have picked it up. Not looking good so far from an initiative point of view!
Doesn't sound too bad then!

That would be base then angrydoc???
I had searched under "aircrew medical" and never got any relevant / substantial info, never thaught to look under aviation medical that's a really good thread though so cheers for the tip!

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