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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Dizzle, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know if there are any rules set out about if you are allowed to wear your flying jacket with 3's, 4's etc? I can't get hold of a BR81 and there's some money riding on this...! Any help appreciated
  2. Stand outside the Regulating office and wait for a reaction. You'll soon know the answer.

  3. There may be rules in the BR, but just pitch up to tiffin at the mess in Flying jacket, soft rolled hat and biggles silk scarf (replete with wire coathanger to keep it in the breeze) if you really want to find out.....

    see Banyan rig
  4. We had a case of this on my last squadron. Bottom line is no. Its mixed rig. Lads and SR's were wearing them to scran etc and it didnt look good. They are only supposed to be worn when in flying kit. We have issue jackets to wear with 3's 4's etc. Fair pint about BR 81. I suppose it comes down to common scence really.

    Anyway we still wore them whilst onboard (type 42) to wind the fish heads up!! Oh and flight deck jerseys.
  5. Funny how a killick grubber (flying maint or not) can get away with it onboard/detached, yet as the proximity to the SPLOT or AEOs office increases, chances of a b*ll*cking increase up as far as Chief tiff/SLt.....
    Better for a bite was the old black cotton foulie, a wander round most shore est. or airstations usually produces an enquiry as to whether its pusser and if so whats the NSN......
  6. Sounds like I've won my money...
  7. Non Flyers wearing Aircrew boots was another, Most of the Gannet ratings had them until the RPO decided he was going to see that the stores lads got rid of stuff by burning. Trouble was people getting all sorts of gear from them, boots, jackets etc.
    I got knackered ones from Gannet then when i took them home I had them swapped by a mate who worked at the local RAF Store base.
  8. I loved wind up the crushers in the admin building at deadloss by wearing my Chinese no8 shirt. Light blue, n short sleeves
  9. Ginge, remember the skipper at Gannet. IAM Thorpe. Or was it hissing sid Anconna when you were there? Thorpes' particular whinge was aircrew wearing their flying boots with 8's. It was OK for the maintainers to wear them though.

    At Vernon once I was bollocked for wearing my cold weather flying jacket with 8's. When an RPO asked if I usually wore it I said yes. What are you he asked, aircrew I replied. WAFU's he chuntered and walked off.
  10. :thumright: Used to get pulled in most mornings. Going to Portland airstation, had to go past the RN patrol office. For wearing white flying socks/ flying boots/beret/ mufti/tie The crushers, hadnt seen the rig before. "were are you going lad" Flying Master!!! :thumright: Mind you we were both in the betting shop opposite ,one day. In rig, He just smiled :thumright:
  11. Was that in the days of Jellico Block!!!!

    Too good for the likes of us mortals. (Hadn't transfered in those days!!!!) :rofl:
  12. Was that what it was called! bit like a mission hut.
    Near the NAFFI bar . But on a lower level nearer the sea :whew: :thumright:
  13. Had to collect 1 gold top bottle of milk and a packet of after 8 mints in the morning from the shop opposite the crushers place for the 2 AWI s Cowans and Bridges. On account FFS . :thumright: The twats run her up a hell of a bill, before they paid up. OFFICERS :thumbdown:
  14. Just about sums it up quite well - mission hut. (Or should that have been missionary hut!!)

    I was in the Penthouse above you lot. (Otherwise known as Gallagher block!!!!) :slow:

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