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I'm looking at joining the navy as either aircrewman or pilot, and in light of the series 'warship' I would like to know what aircrewmen and pilots do when called to action stations. Also, In episode 2, I noticed a few shots of guys in flight suits in the ops room (note: before actions stations) so what were they doing? Finally, a slightly irrelevant one: how does choosing ships work for aircrew? Do they get any say on ships or can they only choose their sqn and get posted off to different ships?



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Can't talk about todays aircrew but!
In the days of the mighty Wasp. Depending on the threat. The flight including aircrew would be at their place of duty. The hangar!
If an ASW threat, the helicopter would be on the spot or in the hangar ready to fly. Various alert states. For the Wasp, Alert 2 meant 2 minutes notice to get airborne. For that we would be strapped in the helicopter in contact with the ships operations room via a hard wire system. Alert 5, dressed in flying kit around the hanger area.
If needed, we would assist in fighting fires or other ship emergencies if the threat meant the ship priorities meant the ship required saving.
Aircrew in the operations room, perhaps a hot brief with the Warfare officer or skipper. Maybe talking tactics or briefing the Helicopter Controller, (HC), on the helicopters requirements for a particular event.
The scenarios are various and complex.
Hopefully, someone more current can explain todays ship/aircrew environment.


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The guy in Green ovies will be the Flight Commander (Either Pilot or Flobs.) and as a head of department would be involved in any briefing.


Do they get any say on ships or can they only choose their sqn and get posted off to different ships?


There isn't so much a choice of which squadron, you can heavily suggest which one you want to go to but in the end it does come down to the needs of the service and what they (instructors, etc) think you will be best suited to.


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AND make the bacon sarnies!!!! Being a aircrewman is not just about tea making. I did the advanced course which introduces additional skills!!!! (Butter not fat for bacon for that additional crispness!!!)

More evidence of the chef/aviator confusion prevalent on so many runs ashore ;)