Aircraft types worked on

Swamps is still working at VL in the H&S Department.

But I have the dubious pleasure of still working on armament, thirty five years after I started as an AO and I believe Mel Brain was still working on armament when he retired from the MoD aged 60*.

*I have less than five years before my sell-by.
off_les_aura said:
"Had a line PO Joe Thompson who was a PO (O) IN THE 80s." He must have been one of the very last of that breed
Joe was a CPO by 1981. Then he was Hermes' Chief Bombhead - Dit on. Mid 81 we were out stateside and one fine day Joe and I were sitting in the After CPO's Mess when suddenly the Alarm went off and the voice over the tannoy stated Fire, Fire Fire. Fire in compartment 4??C (or whatever). Joe suddenly jumped up shout S--t thats above the ********* Magazine (Sh Sh you know what) and off he went like a wild thing. Well he had to run the length of the mess and good old Joe had been dieting and had had some success. Well he just about reached the mess door when his now oversized waisted trousers disappeared around his ankles and tripped him A**e over T**s, or is it base over apex?, much to the hilarity of those in the mess at the time. Great days and a good oppo to work with. Where are you now Joe?



Well for a/c types I won't count them at Daedalus, so its only been Sea Harrier, (FRS1 and FA2), and Lynx for me. Oh and I remember lots of the old bombadiers from the early eighties. Couldn't move in 899's crewroom without tripping over them, thats where I learnt to play euchre,(badly). Although as a young pinky tiff I spent most of the time making them tea, (happy days).


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Not doing too bad with the limited number of types still in service, but for me:

Sea harrier FA2
Lynx 3/8

+ Moving Chinooks, Pumas, SK4s/6s, Wasps,Wessexs,Lynx 7s whilst on MASU. (For the record, MASU Transport=Dream Draft. Would Recommend to Anyone eligable.)


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Not exactly worked on but worked with-----------Dragonfly, Whirlwind, Wessex, Belevedere---Sea Venom, Seahawk, Sea Vixen, Scimitar, Buccaneer, Skyraider, Gannets( both versions) and Grumman Avengers !!


At RAF Binbrook, I first worked on the Avro Lincoln, similar to the Lancaster but bigger. We then went on to the Canberra Mk's B2 and B6. When 617 Squadron disbanded to go on to Vulcans as I only had a year to do I was drafted in to ASF (Air servicing flight) In this unit I had to do the odd stint on Duty Crew, stationed at the Control Tower and there came across a varied selection of visitors. Meteors, Vampires, Ansons, Oxfords and the odd Sabre. One day we even had a B29 Superfortress. The amazing thing about the American aircraft, every removable panel for equipment access was stencilled with what was in it and what to do with it!!



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I was QM & QS on the following aircraft types and full sup. on most of them,
Hillers (705 Squadron)
Whirlwinds 3 & 7 (705 Squadron)
Wessex 1, (771 Squadron)
Wessex 3 (Dummy Deck – (RNAS Culdrose)
Wessex 5 771, 845, 848 Squadrons & Nasu Simbang
Wasp Nasu Simbang
Seaking 1, 2, 5, & 6 706, 810, 826, & 849 Squadrons
Sea Vixen (Dummy Deck – (RNAS Culdrose)
Seahawk (Dummy Deck – (RNAS Culdrose)
Gannet AEW (Dummy Deck – (RNAS Culdrose)
Scimitar (Dummy Deck – (RNAS Culdrose)
Gnat (Dummy Deck – (RNAS Culdrose)

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