Aircraft techs in Afghanistan

Guys, i'm looking for Aircraft contracts in Afghanistan. My trade is Electrical/Avionic on Chinooks,Seaking,Lynx,Puma. Have contacted L-3 Vertex ut not getting enough from them at the mo. Can anyone suggest any other companies outthere who may be actively recruiting at the mo,please?

PS Have looked at JSFirm and some others but they mainly cater towards the US Citizen sector...!!! :roll:


Cheers for that, had a look for Mil-tech but couldn't find anything of any relevance......

Are there any British firms that hold contracts out there? Seemingly, it's all, or mostly American.


Lantern Swinger
Scotia helicopters are currently asking their staff if any would like to volunteer for Afghan, as i think they have been awarded a contract to provide civvi helicopter support. Also i believe Bristows have got their fingers into Afghan so it may be worth asking them or approaching them being a keen volunteer to work out there.
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