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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by jannerpig88, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. Who paints FAA aircraft, with the demise of the PTR/FNR trade in the raf , are all military bases now covered by contract civvy painters, or are some wafu's trained to paint?????
  2. Some of the female FAA have the painters in on a regular basis I believe.
  3. In the 70s most Naval air stations had their own Dope shop which did everything from spraying panels to full aircraft resprays. these wee run by the AE branch and most operated a lucreative sideline in car resprays.
    Don't know what happens these days though
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I believe the difficult issue is getting the aircaft to fly close enough to your outstretched paint roller, the emulsion goes everywhere. I put a suggestion in the 'anymouse box' to suggest we artex them, but heard nothing back.
  5. By the late 70's the H&S gits got in on the act and closed down all but NAS Portlands, who had recently had a new purpose built spray shop built. (We took our Wasp back to bare metal in 78. Actually looked quite cool in tactical Aluminium)

    With the demise of Portland I would imagine the task of over sprays and complete a re-spray are contracted out.
  6. Crabs dont paint FAA aircraft.

    Grubbers can hold the Qualification.

    Mostly run by civvies these days.
  7. It was quite a set up there wasnt Portland. Spent many a happy hour ....NOT....taking the feckin paint off and de-corroding our wasp. Remember a SK being wheeled in and snapping one of the grills and lurching sideways...most embarrasing. Late 70's, 80 0r 81?
  8. We weighed the Wasp on the way in with 'old paint' then once the re spray was completed we weighed it again!!!!

    What a difference. You wouldn't think touch up and jet spray would have weighed so much, over 100 Lbs!!!!!!

    One of the guys who worked in there has his own spray business on the rock now, shows you how much extra curricular activity they got up to at night and weekends!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Well if the crewie didnt eat so many pies, it would ofset the weight happy new year mate. Mike
  10. It wasn't the pies Mike it was the nav bag full of nutty!!!!!! (In my case).
  11. IIRC The Sea Vixen to dissembark for the last time on Hms Eagle, had the Flying Fist resprayed by the grubbers.......With the thumb between the the two fingers
  12. The most impressive 'zapping' I've ever seen was done by the RNZAF!



  13. Ahh, surely 'zapping' is a totally different ball game to painting!!!

    Whilst on 848 we used to 'zap' every thing with stickers bearing the logo "Monty Hartwells Flying Circus" after the CO.
  14. Always had a can o paint and a stencil ready for a visiting wasp!
  15. I can remember our (848NAS) aircrew and engineers re-painting 814's "tiger striped" crewroom back in the 90's at CU Air Day. The Pingers didn't see the funny side and the guilty party went back weeks later to re-pussy cat stripe it.

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