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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by thebigredman, Jun 8, 2008.

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  1. Hi everyone, kinda new here, just sent off my application and SC/CTC check, Joining up as an aircraft handler. I'm kinda fanatical about aircraft so i thought, yeh, this is the job for me! the only bad thing is that i've been told there's an 18 month waiting list! but i'm gonna wait it out, in my eyes its a job worth waiting for plus it gives me time to improve on my fitness. Anybody else here an aircraft handler? give a bit of info on the life etc?


  2. yes? their is a few and your nickname is chockhead fom now on !! and you have your own website site :thumright:
  3. So my nickname is Chockhead from now on huh? hmmm.....i could get used to whats this website then?
  4. Aircraft Handlers association :thumright: Ch :salut: chockheads for short
  5. wedge technicians association ;P
  6. Eloquently put :thumright: stand by for some incomming :rambo:
  7. well, glad to see everyone likes aircraft handlers or chockheads so much! lol

    will check out the web page.
  8. strange my post didn't appear early

    if you want to see a few photos or the boys & girls at play look on facebook for "chockheads" & "WAFU (Past and Present)"
  9. [Deleted]
  10. cheers for that mate....will check it out now!
  11. Nice one Swiss_navy, lol, never thought my nickname would be on that poster! Chocks away!
  12. so are there any aircraft handlers (chockheads) here?
  13. Think there all busy hovering out the ringbolts on the flight deck :slow:
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    WAFUs? On here? On a Monday? Nah, they're still ELWEs... :wink:
  15. the clues in the name

  16. WAFUs?! ELWEs?! man i need to spruce up on the lingo i think. hey "higthepig" i take it your an aircraft handler then, is it a good life/job? i've been told it is.
  17. same question goes for you CHOCKHEAD819, is it a good job/life being a "chockhead"?
  18. All I can say is yes but that was in the 80s. The AH branch is one of the best, lots of good mates that you can stay in touch with though the Assoc.
    Only recently we had a weekend in Carlisle where i met up with lads i hadn't seen for 25 years ( so not lads anymore!)

    I spent 8 out of my 10 years as a Tractor Driver on Squadrons & onboard Fearless, Hermes & Invincible, so can't tell you about Fire Station duties.
    If you like being out in all weathers then this is the job for you.

    Times change so I can't comment on the Navy today but I still have several mates still serving & I joined up in 1977!
  19. Yeah, the wedge tech's are a good bunch, unless they are moaning about having to go out on the line or move a cab or do any marshalling but I wouldn't expect to do anything that isn't in my remit......Hold on?

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