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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dabbzie, Nov 27, 2009.

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  1. I applied to join the RN monday september 14th 2009, i wasn't sure of which branch to apply for, my first preferences were Seaman Specialist or Aircraft Handler but on filling in my details at the AFCO I was told these have a 2yr waiting so i also put AET, upon taking my RT October 28th my score wasnt high enough for engineer so i went for ACH.
    Im due for my medical on decmeber 8th, so i'll come to my questions...
    1. how long does the medical take as im having to skive out of work for a couple of hours
    2. how long after i take my medical will be the PJFT be?
    3. if i dont pass PJFT will i have the chance to re-take?
    4. the 9weeks training...when will i have to go, when they find a placement for me? or not long after the interview, as im currenlty employed.

    thanks for your forthcoming advise, i hope :wink:
  2. Hi Dabbzie.

    Most of the questions you will want to know will have been asked many times before and so expect a few sarcy people to reply about using the search button. Anyway, the medical takes about 45 minutes if my memory serves me should then contact your AFCO when you pass to let them know and they will then send out a form for you to book your own PJFT, so that's up to you. You have 3 chances to pass the PJFT but just make sure you go in prepared, as passing first time ticks another thing off the list even though it shouldn't affect your application if you do re-take (from what I've read). As for the 9 week training, I'm not sure about that but I'm guessing that's the initial training that will be for when you first start, so therefore will happen in the time you've been told you must wait.

    Good luck!
  3. Hi Guys
    thanks for your help so far, im new to this this site so please bare with me if im asking questions which have already been asked/answered.
    In the PJFT does anyone know what they test you on, (& how long it takes) obvously the run of 2.5km but do they test on the plank, how many press/sit ups in so many minutes?? I have asked at fitness first but they wouldnt tell me, just id like to know so i can discipline myself on what to train for??
  4. PJFT is just the 2.4km run on a treadmill.

    You'll also have your weight, height resting HR etc... recorded beforehand.
  5. FFS. You've been to the AFCO and didn't think to ask any of the questions that you are asking on here. Incredible. You'll go far!!!!!
  6. well pardon me, i thought thats was what this forum was all about, the experienced helping the inexperienced!!?? so do yourself a favour drakey and do one!
    This forum is littered with repeated questions, or have you not figured that out yet?
  7. This is an unoffical forum and you may get some wrong answers on here. So be mindful of what you read and don't take everything as gospel. . I've heard of some who have been given bad advice on internet forums and quoted "that's not what I've heard on the internet" when they turn up at the AFCO. Readers beware.......

    If you can't take a bit of banter on here, heaven only knows how you will cope in the RN if you eventually get there.
  8. just did like the tone in which it was written thats all. i have read alot of the threads on here there seems to be a monority few that just want to stick the knife in to the newbies (me being one of them) which could be taken as a form of bullying, im only asking for advise, i intelligent enough to know i should not take it as gospel.
  9. If that's an apology for your reaction to my first post. Accepted.

  10. Great attitude to join up with!!!

    Again search under "Reggies Runner"

    You are going to love "the chockheads locker, if you can't take a joke"
  11. cant say as i have been made to feel very welcome here, i can take a "JOKE" but give people a chance this is the Newbies section right? that means people are new! and need advise, i have spoken to my AFCO but he's not very forthcoming hence why im on this forum.
  12. Dont be dissheartend, wanabee Chocks, the guy at the AFCO is probably not ,well versed with everything FAA ,style :roll: :roll:
  13. thanks scouse, nice to hear from a friendly voice, so to speak :salute:
  14. Dabbzie, most of us AHs on here are ex members of the RN, the most we can give you are sea stories as our navy isn't todays navy (Aircraft Handler 1977-87).

    Don't get wound up because of the people on here.
  15. cheers chockhead, I have respect for all you guys on here
  16. Dabbzie, I've not been on here for a while but I've replied to your PM, anything else you need to know then PM me back
  17. And Joint Force Harrier is right btw, you really really need a good sense of humour for the FD locker......and be damn quick and good at making 20+ cups of tea ;-)
  18. Wait, what?

  19. I get it that the position I've applied for is mainly male orientated, that doesn't bother me but have you seen many women doing this role/job?? It won't make me want to change my mind I'm just curious.

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