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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Choncey, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. Hello

    I have recently been looking at the the Royal Navy official site and have been drawn to the career of Naval Airman Aircraft Handler. I would like to know what this trade is really like and what it entails. Im worrying that it just means being a glorified baggage handler.
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  2. You can't really call it a trade as such. Its the only branch in the navy thats lower pay band from AB to Chief! I've known handlers who get excited about hoovering out the ring-bolt holes in the flight deck.
    The FLT driving/Firefighting aspects might be considered interesting, but the rest is fairly humdrum. However, none of the handlers I have ever known have ever wanted to change jobs, and apparently it has the lowest rate of notice giving in the navy. the upside is, I suppose, the pleasant, stress free upperdeck outdoorsy life. In the AH branch, if you get to PO in less than 12-15 yrs then you are a high flyer. On smaller ships such as frigates and destroyers the job of the aircraft handler is done by a small hydraulic trolley. There is talk of putting the trolley on the higher pay band.

    All of the above is of course, personal opinion. Please consult your nearest AFCIO
    Awaiting incoming from the NA(AH) community
  3. Clanky me ol shipmate you forgot the best bit about being a Chockhead!
    It gets you out in the Fresh Air!LOL
  4. Hmmm chockheads, what can I say about them, they cried when the AC branch took over their ATC jobs, they cried when they had to go to sea, they cried when a certain LBB overtook the PO(AH) on the promotion ladder (He had been doing the job 18yrs, I had been doing it 6). In fact I am surprised they still have them. Very slow promotion, especially to killick, no sea time (although that may be what you want).

    But hey thanks for the training guys, it got me to ATC in Heathrow on £60K pa :D

  5. That sounds just like the Medical Branch! :lol: :lol:
  6. No No No and No this is by far one of the worst aspects of being associated with the fleet air arm, like people have said above you are on the lowest pay band and young lads are treated like 5hit. When we are on deck it can take the chockheads 6 hours (good day) to move a jet from the flight deck to the hangar!
    and when they are not moving jets and choppers they are doing hangar patrols picking up lashings and hoovering out ring bolts.

    there is no need to hoover the ring bolts the harrier will do a good job of that for them!!

    for a real career with prospects and if you want to join the services make sure you come in as a Officer at least or get a job in IT in civvy street!
  7. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    I'll think you'll find that since Pay 2000 they are known as wedge technicians.....
  8. Or go for sommat on the maintenance side,

    Those boys are a lot more sophisticated

  9. Good to see the national costume being worn :lol:
  10. That aircraft should be grounded with all those cracks on it.
  11. Do you really expect perfection in a 40 year old(Its our brand new ,second hand Seasprites from US)
  12. That always, onboard, always on watch Clanky was right on one thing Choncy, he said,

    "However, none of the Handlers I have ever known have ever wanted to change jobs, and apparently it has the lowest rate of notice giving in the Navy. the upside is, I suppose, the pleasant, stress free upperdeck outdoorsy life.

    As for the pay question, it has happened before and been changed back. Fisheads and "Crumb dusters", got less than Waffoos during the 60's. It'll change again.

    You won't always be single and young, join the Air Arm and get some quality time ashore with your future wife and family, besides ship to ship drafts that the GS enjoys.
    Ex Handler
  13. FFO and Diesel - beats Chanel and the other designer perfumes any day :lol: :lol:
  14. BTW I know at least a dozen Stokers who changed over to be Handlers, But in my 22 years, I never ever heard or saw a Handler change over to be a Clankey. :lol:

    FFO and diesel = channel and other designer perfumes.
    Different Navy to the one I was in . 8O
  15. Aircraft Handlers

    Knuckle draggers --heheh

    Diving now Diving now
  16. Knuckle Draggers eh Greenie ?:)
    What is it you quote on your signature ?
    "Level of education does not measure level of intelligence"
    Anyway, whats with all of the name calling?
  17. I agree with you roofrat in my 20 odd years as an Aircraft Auxilary Brake Unit Technician I saw many clanky,s change over to the A.H.branch but never the other way round
  18. What else are we supposed to do with our "special children"?
  19. I would imagine though AH would be different when/if the new carriers are in service

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