Aircraft Handler/Seaman Specialist?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by laps, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    Im currently in the process of joining the Navy I have just passed my recruiting test. I now have to choose my trade either Seamen Specialist and Naval Airman (Aircraft Handler), could anyone give me any information as to what the job of a Naval Airman (Aircraft Handler) involves eg day to day jobs, based on shore or at sea ?. I know what jobs a Seamen Specialist involve but any extra information on that trade would also be appreciated.

  2. Aircraft handler aka chock head was a very skilfully and dangerous job ,in the days of strike carriers involving the movement of fixed wing and rotary aircraft, on deck . With firefighting duties as well. Also smash and crash crews at 5 RNAS .With the demise of fixed wing and strike carriers. In today's FAA ,and only 2 RNAS, plus only 2 Carriers operating rotary wing a/c there role is somewhat limited. The Aircraft Handlers Association
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  3. Not on the ARK ROYAL....wet one!!!! Ps if a chockhead was ever drafted to a RFA, he would be destined to run the Coffee boat !!! Between the odd chopper being respotted!!!
  4. In a nutshell and will out trying to guess the future. An aircraft Handler will be involved with aircraft movements. Driving a tractor or supervising the movement moving helicopters or fixed wing aircraft around both ashore and at sea. They also are the Fleet Air Arms aircraft fire fighters, so there is a chance you may get to drive the fuggin big awesome fire engines!!! They used to be found in Air Traffic Control towers too, again aircraft movements but this time controlling aircraft movement pre take off, landing and taxiing. Officers tend to be the controllers whilst the AH tends to be the assistant. They will also be involved in menial tasks on board such as looking after and maintaing their areas, so it's not all glamour - like all trades in the RN shit goes with any job - accept it.

    Wasn't a chockhead myself but worked with them for one or two years!
  5. I think the seaman waiting time is down to 18 months, as said to me by an oppo in the taunton AFCO.

    It is still a relativly new branch (seaman) and is still finding its feet, you'll join a very busy dept but at least when your in you can branch change if its not your cup of tea. I think the AH branch has a similar waiting time, but it has always been a popular branch.

    Edit: just to square away the men of air.
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  6. Well after 18 months there you'll probably join the bootnecks, as the info came from a sgt bootie. His day job was walking in formation and carrying a stick around all day at BRNC.

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  7. If it's not your "cup of tea" branch transferring is not always possible as some specs have tried, only not to get branch clearance.

    Im not sure where this working at Taunton AFCO or with the booties come from. You'll go Raleigh, then Collingwood then to a ship. If you go in a spec that is.

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  8. Hahhahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Easy tigers, I didn't mean the person asking the question would work at that AFCO. I ment the info came from someone who worked there.

    But you are spot on you may not be able to branch change.

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  10. So, giving duff information and unable to communicate clearly?

    You'll piss that next AIB.
  11. I'm sure he'll find that constructive, you must be the off watch ships [email protected]&k?

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  12. Pointing out that someone is a pompous fool who struggles to communicate and dishes out crap information is a tad more constructive than being that fool.
  13. Someone is tired, anyway this "forum banter" between strangers is never going to be as good as the "what happens to the fiancee" thread.

    Ta ta guzzler you fart locker bosun.

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  14. but young sir to be!!!!!!! Do you know anything at all about the Aircraft handlers branch???? Hope you are going to do better at BRNC?? You won't last long at Dartmouth ,waffling like you are!!!
  15. Not really worth commenting on, so I won't !
  16. come on fellow mariners, some of my best opos are wedge technician's.

    My only constructive comment to add to this thread was simply that the young specs coming through today had to wait up to 2 years to even get in to phase one, and the chock head branch or what's left of it has always been popular.

    And my info on the WAFU world comes from mess mates who work the deck or the hanger rat as you call them on the mighty hoop.

    But any fish head who has done a smack 233 course could work the deck.

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  17. And your basing this on what exactly? Idle chit chat!

    As ex helicopter aircrew I know who my choice would be on when landing on the deck of a small ship. And first choice would not be SMAC 233 rating. No offence but you just ain't quick enough with the lashings etc.

    Been there there, done that, nearly crapped my pants!
  18. Hope you don't have any SMAC 233 fish heads, on deck when the F35Bs, are at flying stations on the QE class carrier!!!!!!! As they will soon get to know what it's like to spend time in the scrambling net, some 80 ft above the oggin lol ps.Loved:drool: the fish head that wanted to clip my winch hook, on the guard rail when doing a winchex with HMS Jaguar lol
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  19. Fairone, at least they didn't clip it to the deck...

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