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Hi there

I was just looking to see if there was any up to date information on life as an aircraft handler and if they still do have limited intakes per year. I am in the process of recruitment at the moment just wondering if anyone else is applying for this job and how far in the process they are too?

Chris P

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Chockheads....................where would the jet jockeys and heli heroes be without them, exciting in the old days and should still be, but can't comment on the now - my time was 50 years ago:rolleyes: fings was a lot different then..


Hi there
I've applied for the same role. Does anyone know how many intakes they have these year and if they've been filled up yet? What's the waiting time at the moment?

True dit, had a chockhead as my runner on 899, he was sent to Nelson on a driving course. On arrival at Nelson he went in the Guardroom and asked where he could find Mr Block? The QM took a look at his Joining Instructions and it said, report to Rodney Block.

Same chockhead was taking a signal to the comcen in the Squadron Tilly, off he went and came back a hour later, asked if the signal went off ok? he had forgotton and had been to the Fire Station for a brew (it was still sat on the passenger seat!!!)

Not the sharpest tools in the box.....

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