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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Goosemaster, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. Hi, im interested in this trade, but i have a question that i cant find the answer to on here or in the careers guide iv been given.

    AETs are posted to squadrons, is this the case with AH? Or are you only posted to an aircraft carrier or smaller ship and work with the squadrons on board? Are you limited to working at sea or do you get to work at air bases on operations?

    I tried searching but i couldnt find the info, sorry if its been done and re-done.
  2. I don't know if things have changed since my time. Both on 800 and 809 Buccaneer squadrons we had squadron handlers. Handlers were also drafted to the ships company.
    Our handlers were an integral part of the squadron and disembarked with us when the ship was in harbour.
    Ashore they didn't do too much aircraft moving but seemed to make a fortune running the squadron coffee boat.
  3. Goose, Handlers do go to sea and operate ashore on Squadrons. What sort of operations are you talking about? Ashore, when on a squadron, if the Sqdn is involved in an exercise, so will you be. As Slim said, Handlers make a fortune on the Coffee Boats :thumright: That used to be because we were the tractor drivers on said Sqdn. Not sure nowadays.
    You will get time ashore, thats why so many Handlers stay the distance 22 years and more.
    If you need any more info, PM me and I'll put you in touch with a serving member of our association.Thats The Aircraft Handlers Association.
  4. Evening, yes Sqn's do still have their their own handlers. On mine, and as far as I'm aware other FAA Sqns, we use them to move the aircraft in/out of the hangar ashore, but when embarked join in with the resident team as additionals and help on the flight deck. In the junglie world they're very much part of the sqn and will disembark with the sqn as it moves ashore during amphib ops. There is a possibility of their being used for additional tasks as well as a/c moves, such as weapon loading, but whether this comes to fruition remains to be seen.
  5. Thanks for all the info slim, roofrat and i/cflyingcircus.

    sorry when i said operations i was talking about Telic/Herrick. I assumed that the carriers wouldnt be needed for afghanistan, so if im only based on carriers that would rule a tour there out.

    Are junglies sea king squadrons?
  6. GM, yes the Junglies are the Sea King Squadrons, also 847 with Lynx AH 7 flown by (mostly) RM, you will go to sandy places with any of the Junglie Sqns. As to your carrier question, depends on which one you are drafted to.

  7. Sounds good.

    Thanks for taking the time to help me out. Much Appreciated.
  8. Goose, in addition to what has already been provided, Handlers are used on the CVS (and I assume LPH) and Air Stations as Firesuitmen (Fireman). Hence there are lots of possibilities of drafts to both Sqns at sea, on Ops and at home, in every rate from AB to WO, doing a wide variety of jobs (tractor driver / marshaller / fireman etc (+ supervisory roles as Senior Rates)).

    On the CVS they make up the vast majority of the Air Dept, are very loyal to the dept and each other and show an amazing esprit de corps. I have immense respect for all that they do, as normally they are utmost in their professionalism (whatever the circumstances / weather (!)) whilst maintaining a wicked sense of humour. They hold awesome parties !! A cracking bunch.

    Hope this helps.

  9. they also have a knack of jumping on any unsuspecting baby wafu sent to speak to them.

    never ever send a solitary wafu to the belfing pit - he may not come back alive

    (belfing pit is the ready shack on the flight deck where the wedges hang out)
  10. Sorry to bring this up again, but iv noticed on threads about other job choices that there's a long waiting time, somtimes 6 or so months before you begin basic training. Is this the same throughout the navy?
  11. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    LPD's have a small but valued Air Team. Led by a CPO with a PO and several LHs. They do the usual air handling roles for Helos but also are the aft SSRF and Force Protection boys. They get to fire GPMGs and Minigun in anger. Also the CPO(AH) can qualify as an AVO so he can assist the Lt/Lt Cdr AVO in flying ops (some restrictions but still a valid concept as BULW found out during OST - Well Chiefy).

    Because of their size they are part of the Warfare Dept and very much ship's company. Good bunch of lads and lasses and always a wet when I visit the Flight Deck so can't be too bad.
  12. Yep some are stupidly long
    Others can get you in within a few months

    Aircraft handler is about 18months at the moment, that is what realy put me off! lol xx
  13. rember you are best off waiting for a job you really want to do. 22 years is a long time. Dont go WS just becuas eyou can get in the navy quick.
  14. Rember you are best off waiting for a job you really want to do. 22 years is a long time. Dont go WS just becuase you can get in the navy quick.
  15. Warfare specialist is my second choice, Is the waiting time drasticly shorter?

    I like the fleet air arm, but im also into computers and the like, which led to that being my second choice.
  16. Hi i have just passed my RT tests yesterday and i can now choose aircraft Handler as an option, is it worth it as in a good life/job? reply will be very appreaciative, thanks :)
  17. Garry send me your e-mail address and I'll send you a copy of our Association Magazine (Aircraft Handlers Assoc)
  18. Gary, glad to read you are considering joining the Aircraft Handler Branch. It is without doubt a very intresting and enjoyable career - it can certainly be a intresting life with alot of variety, either working on flight decks at sea or (I admit) rather more mundanely ashore. Dont forget also that alot of Aircraft Handler work also involves manning the two Fire Stations at Culdrose and Yeovilton, so you will train to be an Aircraft Firefighter. The course study work is (I think) now quite extensive compared to what it was, , so be prepared to study hard if youre selected. (This is so you can get a recognised NVQ on completion).
    But most of all mate, its fun. It can be at times quite challenging and on occasion even dangerous (like many jobs in the forces), but you can have the time of your life. They dont call us the happy handlers for nothing. Best regards - Nostrinian.

    (Edited for my poor spelling tonight)
  19. Glad to here that Nostrinian =], sounds really good, so if i was an AH wouldnt i be at sea alot? thanks for the information, sounds like the job i need.

  20. Or if you don't mind the Midlands, the two fire stations at Cottesmore and Wittering.

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