Aircraft handler or marine engineer?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by uk_mostwanted, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. What would you prefer, also will i be able to be an aircraft handler if i have got a colour perception of 4?
  2. How about go on the job choice which you prefer since its you who will be doing that job for potentially 20 or so years?
  3. You are all such a great help on here....NOT!
  4. Mate in all honesty though what good is it going to do you knowing what other people would do?

    Answer is most likely nothing, everyone is different and as far as i can see AH and ME are massively different roles. So rather than posting a question like that why not go away and look at the job roles etc and decide what job would suit you?
  5. Marine Engineerlike myself! Aircraft handlers are bummers!
  6. Listen cocker, apart from the usual malicious little snipe from Pool-Chump, what do you want to do? Work within the ship on machinery, maybe later on become a skilled technician? When finished, take those acquired skills into a factory, workshop etc. Or work mostly outside on flight decks and airfields. Ok and a ships hangar from time to time. On finishing you should be able to to transfer your acquired skills to Aviation Fire Fighter, HGV to the transport industry, or as a lot of guys have done, go health and safety both on and off shore.
    I came from an Engineering apprenticeship into the Aircraft Handling branch, so perhaps I could be accused of slight bias. :wink:
  7. don't want to have a go at any newbies really but that has got to be the most ridiculous question i've seen on here

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