Aircraft handler entry waiting times


Hi All.
A few questions if anyone may have a little info that would be great. My lad has applied for the RN Aircraft Handler role. His medical is on Friday just wondering about waiting times on role specific entry. Asking due to having too be in higher education or an apprenticeship etc. Thanks in advance


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The AFCO are probably best placed to advise as they will be aware of individual circumstances such as delays at the medical, etc. It's a small branch with limited intakes each year. So far as I'm aware the June 2019 intake is now full, so I'm guessing about 14-18 months Recruit Test to entry at present.


Hi Thanks. Wow so could be a long wait. Not too much of an issue as son is doing a college course too keep occupied. Hopefully it’s not 2020 or that would be excessive
Applied approx 4-6- ago


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Hi mate. I waited 2 years from my RT test to actually joining. From what I hear there is going to be another freeze in the recruitment of handlers soon so like Ninja said it could be another long wait like I had. Hopefully not though. Tell him to stay positive and keep occupied with courses etc while he’s waiting